Friday , June 25 2021

Phil Spencer Ksbok admits a problematic Windows Store

About time.

Xbox Head Phil Spencer admitted that the Windows Store has problems to fix.

Windows Store allows players access to the Xbox Plays Anivhere title Forza Horizon 4, ReCore and more, although most downloads are facing problems. Users criticize the Windows Store through their user interface; And worse, users also experience the problem of infinite transmission, in which the downloaded game keeps retrieving data despite being 100% downloaded.

Spenser has recently recognized the limits of Windows Store.

"I think we have work on Windows," Spencer said at Microsoft's KSO18 event last weekend (via The Verge). "Windows is something I am very dedicated to, I've heard feedback about our Store. I will have a bigger role of leadership on what's happening with Windows Store, make it really adapted to players that we know we want to see the best of what we have to offer. "

We'll let you know when improvements for Microsoft's Windows Store.

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