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Powerful movie that requires watching

Tattooed in the lower abdominals of Tupac Shakur were the words THUG LIFE.

It was not a false statement of the difficulty that he thought was. It was an acronym that represented "The Hate U Give Little Infants F ** ks Everybody".

Through his music, Tupac captured an aspect of the African-American experience: what foreigners saw as mere violence, drugs and poverty, eloquently clashed on the structures and prejudices that create these conditions and how it traps to people between generations.

With THUG LIFE, the message from Tupac was clear: how you treat our people as children is the one who is bitten again in the ass. These are centuries of discrimination and racism interned by children who believe they are worth less than.

It is an incredibly powerful but simple message that author Angie Thomas paints in his young adult novel The Hate U Give, now adapted to a feature film starring Amandla Stenberg, Regina Hall, Common, KJ Apa and Anthony Mackie, and directed by George Tillman Jr.

Stenberg plays Starr Carter, 16 years old, an African-American teenager who lives in a predominantly black neighborhood, but goes to a nearby private school populated by privileged white children.

She tells us aloud the two versions of Starr that she presents in the world: the house and the school. Just like the idol of his popular culture, the fresh Prince of Will Smith, who goes into two worlds and reconciles it, is not easy.

Starr 2.0, the school, is educated, non-confrontational and never uses "black slang", even if his white friends do – she does not want to give anyone reason to call her a "ghetto."

On his way home to a party, Starr becomes the only witness of the fatal feature of his friend Khalil (Algee Smith), an unarmed black teenager, by a white police officer during a stop of traffic

It is a traumatic event, not only for Starr and his family, but for a community that has seen it happen too often, names of Eric Garner, Tamir Rice and Sandra Bland continue to sound voiced high

You can add to this list Stephon Clark, whose family has today filed a lawsuit against the Sacramento Police Department after two white officers who killed their 22-year-old age, fired at the back while He was in his own patio and had a mobile phone.

The Hate U Give He wants America and the world to be in this scenario too common, and of the revolutions every time.

He wants the United States to wonder why he is so worried about the reason why the narration of these victims becomes his possible affiliations of pandas when, in the case of the movie, Khalil was killed while retiring for a traffic violation.

Or why the protesters of Black Lives Matter demonize to express their pain and their anger for the glacial pace of change.

Justice is not given, it is taken and smiling politely with your hands on the lap, you will only get it until now before the status quo decides that they have reached their limit.

What The Hate U Give it does, and what are the Oscars hopeful and of greater profile Green book He could not do it, the general co-discovery of institutional racism, as reflected in the life of Thugac de Tupac, is tested.

The Hate U Give It is an intelligent, reflective and emotionally resonant movie that not only tells a convincing story, but also deals with points considered "too hard" for the majority: it is a movie that demands see & # 39; s

Focusing this story on an intelligent teenager, who does not know his identity and place, is a way of humanizing the problem. And this is largely thanks to Stenberg's strong and incredible movement, which never receives anything from the audience and never fails a moment.

She is a star in creation.

The film opens in a scene of the young Starr, who is nine years old, since she and her brother are seated with their father and teach their children how to interact with the police so they can move away of his life at the end.

"Keeping your hands where you can see" is the key message. No child should have frightened you.

Score: ★★★ ½

The Hate and Give is in theaters as of Thursday, January 31.

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