Prince Charles is the heir to the throne and would not have made a generous gift for his grandson, Prince George. Keri Lumm reports this royal gift.

A common affection for Prince Charles and Prince Louise's granddaughter in a series of images from the royal family last week will warm your heart.

On Sunday, Getty's photographer Chris Jackson gave a photo of the heir to the throne, holding a seven-month-old Lou, his youngest grandson – until Prince Harry and Meghan's baby came in, anyway.

In his title title Instagram for the title title that was used on the cover of the Sundai Times magazine, Jackson wrote: "Last year I spent some time documenting some intimate and" behind the scenes "with the Prince of Wales to celebrate his 70th birthday – It's truly incredible (privilege) creating a unique set of images and great fun at the same time. "

The magazine has shared several more places in the gallery.

One picture shows that Charles held Louis's fat fingers while holding Duchess Kate. In the second, the future king laughs while holding a heel to the throne.

We are especially pleased with the third one you see by clicking on the right arrow. It can see the earliest royal achievement to put his hand on his grandfather's face. Charles apparently found calm babies like Kate, Villiam, Harry, and Meghan.

Thirty-year-old Charlotte, who is usually Cambridge, which you can count on for photographic gold, actually was all business looking at a distance. Ditto for Prince George, 5, who was on Charles's wing.


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