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R. Kelly fallen for Sony Music


Sony Music has decided to dissolve its working relationship with R. Kelly, Variety have learned

No external announcement of the movement is expected in the immediate future, says a source, adding that the company took time to avoid "responsible" issues and avoid legal ramifications. R. Kelly was removed from the RCA Records website, where the signed artists of the brand are detailed, shortly after 10 a.m. of the PT on Friday, January 18 (Saturday 19 January of the AEDT)

The later catalog of Kelly will remain with RCA / Sony. The last Kelly release with the tag was an album with Christmas themes in 2016, although it has released several songs independently from this moment, presumably with the consent of Sony, and Tweeted at This year's beginnings have a new record on the way.

Contacted by Variety, the representatives of RCA Records and their parent company, Sony Music, rejected comments.

The movement occurs after years of public calls, and even a request from members of the #MuteRKelly movement, so that the company intervened in a way with Kelly. These calls intensified from the Lifetime documentary Survive R. Kelly, in which several women accuse you of sexual misconduct. In recent weeks, an airplane commissioned by the UltraViolet women's organization and with a reading sign of "RCA / Sony: Drop Sexual Predator R. Kelly" flew over Sony Music's offices in Los Angeles and was presented a protest outside Sony's headquarters in New York. But insider information indicates that the efforts to extract Sony from his contract with Kelly had been in progress for several months before and "[the plane] he had no influence ".


Kelly's sexually abusive behavioral complaints about young women go back more than 20 years. More infamously, Kelly was accused of child pornography in the year 2000 after having appeared a video that meant showing herself that she had sex with a young woman (Kelly was clarified in 2008 after this woman did not he declared himself against him). In 1995, when he was 27 years old, he married shortly after the late singer Aaliyah, who was 15 years old (in Survive R. Kelly An executive who previously worked with the singer says he forged Aaliyah's birth date on the marriage license to say he was 18 years old and another witness says that he saw that Kelly and Aaliyah had sex. Only last year, reports were published by Kelly who essentially held captive women in a "sexual worship". Several other reports have appeared over the years.

Throughout, the RCA-Kelly label follows his solo career, either directly or as part of his association with Jive Records (which was merged with RCA in the year 2007). It has been the singer, mainly, that the sources explain Variety, because he has never been convicted of a crime and has kept his innocence firmly. Attempts by music companies to build a morale barometer for artists are a precarious task, as Spotify knew last year when it tried to ban artists, especially Kelly, from their playlists based on A behavior vaguely defined as "odious behavior". Spotify ended up punishing two artists briefly: Kelly and the rapper XXXTentation, none of whom had been convicted of the relevant accusations of sexual misconduct – before returning to politics because of their vague definition and execution.

Entertainment lawyer said Leslie Frank, partner of King, Holmes, Paterno and Soriano Variety Some of the major labeling contracts have stipulated that they do [an artist is] "Condemned for a crime or a crime of moral turpitude, in general, it is the right of the label to terminate the contract," although Kelly has not been condemned by anyone either.


However, if it is a contract or not, he said: "Any record company (or, in fact, any part of any contract) can decide that they no longer want to be in the contract," continued Frank . "The question is what can happen because of their desire to terminate the term of the agreement. R. Kelly could sue for damages. If R. Kelly does not want to end the # 39; agree and instigate a dispute that says it is a breach of the contract by RCA, if RCA is concerned about the cost of litigation and how a court could decide, they could try to reach an agreement with R. Kelly. "

However, the cry that he has followed Survive R. Kelly It grew so intense that it probably forced the hand of the label.

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