Monday , October 18 2021

Rolling Loud: The incredible hiker of Festivalgoer Selfie


Since almost 20 young audiences were fired at the hospital for alleged narcotic drugs this weekend, a girl decided to make a bold statement when she was loading in an ambulance.

The developer of the Rolling Loud festival of the Sydney Showground presented a sign of peace, as he took a shirt tied to a bunk and was dragged by paramedics.

Strange scenes occurred when several people were fired with drug charges, while more than a dozen people were seriously ill due to drug use at Sidney music festivals during the weekend.

In Victorian music festivals, at least six revelers, a critique, are found in hospital beds after suspected drug overdose.


Between a chain of arrests at Homebush in western Sydney, the police looked for a 17-year-old boy from Castle Hill, and was supposedly found 579 capsules and $ 2075 in cash. He has been accused of providing prohibited drugs, dealing with property from the crime, and possessing a prohibited drug.

There are additional security measures in three long weekend Australia festivals that include a greater presence of critical care medical teams and harm reduction measures, such as drug and drink educators free electrolytes.

Probably, medications have been a factor in four of eight hospitalizations after the Rolling Loud festival in Sydney's Showgrounds on Sunday, said NSW Health.

At midnight on Sunday, a female of 20 years, another female in her teens and a male at age 20 was a serious but stable situation.

Another 20-year-old female was in a critical but stable state. A male in her teens was in a stable state and two women in their teens and a male in their 20s were in unbelievable conditions after attending the hip-hop festival.

There are six men under the age of 25 who were or were free from the hospital after leaving the Hardcore Till I Die on Saturday in critical or serious conditions.

Another supposed provider, aged 25, found 100 MDMA capsules and a knife while a South African woman supposedly had 48 eccentric capsules in her.

In addition, 16 people had to face the court to have drugs while 30 people were expelled by intoxication.

Five people were transferred to the hospital on Saturday from the Electric Garden at the Centenary Park due to alleged drug use, while 55 people were charged with drug possession and a woman accused of supplying MDMA.

However, some people who try to enter the festivals have attacked the tactics of the police, saying they have been mistakenly tied to the search and then declared void their entries.

"How is it degrading that they get undressed, squashed and coughed while two police officers are watching you, to judge you and, in the end, after having nothing of you, reject the # 39 ; you entered and confiscated and paid the ticket in front of you while you were refunding tickets to other people, "a disgruntled Facebook commentator wrote, who tried to enter the Homebush event.

"I do not know what kind of bulls ** that's it, but I'm scared and never felt ashamed. Thank you for absolutely nothing, having lost my money and ruining my day."

The NSW Prime Minister, Gladys Berejiklian, whose government suffered the bill for additional protection, said he was waiting and praying that people were beginning to receive the message not to take illicit drugs.


A row with a security guard at a Sydney Olympic Park music festival became unpleasant and left a woman with facial lesions.

The police alleges that the security officer was responding to an unrelated incident when he was punctured in his face by an 18-year-old man at 6:45 p.m. on Saturday.

"The same man supposedly picked up a glass bottle and sent him to the guard; however, he failed and, instead of that, he hit an 18-year-old woman of Ryde, "said NSW Police in a statement. "The bottle suffered an impact and had to be treated in the scene for facial lacerations."

When the officers found it, it was alleged that it became aggressive and a fight took place, with officials who used spray peppers to take it under custody. They allege that the man spit an officer.

He was taken to the Auburn police station, where he was accused of imprudent wounds, a common assault, to attack the police and to resist or hinder a police officer in the execution of duty.


At least six revelers, a critician, find themselves in hospital beds after suspected drug overdose as a regional Victorian music festival that comes on their last day. The fanatics of the Lexton Rainbow Serpent Festival, near Ballarat, must begin packing and finish after spending four days at the event, which is full of drugs.

A 20-year-old woman was in critical condition at Austin's Melbourne hospital after being transferred from a Ballarat hospital on Sundays. A 40-year-old man was also taken to the Ballarat hospital on Sunday for a condition related to taking drugs.

At 2430 hours, at 7:30 a.m. on Sunday, the Victoria police took 22 people with drugs and issued 17 drug diversions or cannabis precautions.

The officers arrested four men and one woman for a series of crimes, including the traffic and possession of a dependency medication, counterfeit effects, crime proceeds and assault.

Three visitors to the festival were injured, a serious one, after a truck entered a camping this Thursday afternoon.

The event was advanced in the middle of the political debate on pills testing after five people who died of suspected drug overdose at NSW festivals since September. The festival has also been marked by controversy after the two reported sexual assaults last year, five arrests for possession of drugs and 44 people who tested positive drug driving.

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