Monday , September 26 2022

Sophie Monk missed Makim parti after endometriosis surgery


Sophie Monk revealed on November 12 that she had undergone surgery to start the process of freezing her eggs, and as a result she discovered that she was suffering from endometriosis.

And on November 16, former star Bachelorette confirmed in social media that she was not yet recovered enough to attend Maxim's party thrown into her honor.

Share video from her bed at home, a 38-year-old apologized for the lack of 2018 Makim Hot 100 Australia at the Flamingo Lounge in Sydney Potts Point.


Instagram / Sophie Monk

"I was so excited tonight to go to the party of Makima, but I underestimated the operation and so I was ruined," he began to explain in a series of instagram stories.

"I was Soph! I bought a new suit! I did not take my nails or tan, but I was excited," Dad joked jokingly.

The news of the former Bardot star came after she shared her photos earlier on Sunday of her arrival from surgery and receiving a diagnosis of shock.

"We found endometriosis," the doctor discovers, "But not much."


Instagram / Sophie Monk

She wrote a video: "So many women live without knowing they have endometriosis. If you have a boring cycle, you should ask your doctor."

The video was recorded at Monash IVF, the Sidney In Vitro Vomiting Clinic, which has led many to believe that it has undergone an IVF procedure.

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