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Teamfight Tactics: The latest game of the disease is broken


This story was originally published by ESPN Brazil and translated from Portuguese.

Teamfight Tactics of Riot Games is a MOBA game that challenges your players in a different way to the League of Legends. We have a bit of Summoner's Rift, including some of the league's champions and articles, but the approach is totally different. Teamfight Tactics is a turn-based tactical challenge in which players resemble an army and put him on the battlefield to challenge his opponents. The challenge is to bring together a team winning composition, combining skills and strategy to overcome opponents.

ESPN Deportes Brasil has prepared a guide for the Teamfight Tactics universe. You will discover the rules of the game, you will learn to overthrow the opponents, how to beat the enemies, what elements are combined to form a more powerful device and what combinations of heroes will use to obtain valuable advantages.


Each game of Teamfight Tactics has eight players faced, one at a time, until there is only one left. To win, you will have to put your army in the field. When your champions meet with their enemies, they automatically fight on the board. These champions have basic attacks and abilities (assets and liabilities). These powerful abilities require command to activate. To fill the mana bar, the champion must use his basic attacks against enemy targets.


The TFT map has a square board format similar to that of chess, but instead of squares like Auto Chess, the champions are in hexagons creating different formations.


Gold coins are the currency of the game and that's how your team creates it. L & # 39; has three main functions within the game.

(1) To buy champions and get them to the battlefield. When you configure your team and choose the champions, you will form a fight. These cards are randomly listed in the lower left corner of the screen and new rounds appear to fulfill those cards that are already in use. To buy a champion, you must buy the price of the call for each card with gold coins.

(2) Update the list of purchase options for characters so that different names may arise;

(3) Purchase experience, because when you level up you can place more champions in your group in the battle.


Currently there are 50 Championships in Teamfight Tactics (Riot Games says there's more to come), each one with unique abilities. We're not talking about a League of Legends print, so pay attention to your descriptions. Each champion has a gold cost ranging from one to five, and each one has different levels of qualification (from weak to strong): bronze, silver and gold. All the champions start playing in bronze. To level them, you must have three champions of the same type and join them. Three bronze champions form one silver and three silver form a powerful gold champion.


At the end of each turn, the count of damage is done by the player who has lost all his champions. The damage will be the sum of the cost of the champions who were winners. If the three champions who pay three currencies are alive on the board, the loser receives nine points of damage, which exhaust the vital energy of this player. The winner is the player who gets his vital energy to zero.


Occasionally during the game, a carousel appears, which is a way to balance the actions and allow them to get paid. The champions appear in a circle and the first player that chooses their champion is the one that has less vital energy.


The articles are key in TFT so that the champions are even more powerful. They are joined to the champions to improve them. There are eight types of articles in general, and give the following advantage when it is alone: ​​Arc crossed, unnecessary wand, negatron layer, giant belt, chain vest, BF sword, spatula and tear of the goddess. Let's see the effect of each element and the result of its merger with another.

Recurve Bow adds 1 percent to the attack speed

+ Recurve Bow = Rapid Firecannon (Double the scope of the attacks and there are no errors in the action)

+ Rod uselessly big = Rageblade of Guinsoo (increase of 3 percent in the speed of attack and the infinite batteries)

+ Negatron Cloak = Cursed Blade (Attacks are unlikely to reduce and reduce the enemy level by 1

+ Giant Belt = Hydra Titanic (attacks affect 10 percent of carrier's maximum health as damage to splashes)

+ Chain Vest = Phantom Dancer (Wearer dodges all critical attacks)

+ BF Sword = Sword of the Divine (Every second, the carrier gets a 5% probability of obtaining a 100% critical strike)

+ Spatula = Blade of the Ruined King (Wearer is also a Blade Master)

+ Tear of the goddess = static Stiv (each third attack tries 100 magic damages)

The great useless rod adds 20% of damage to the spell

+ Recorve Bow = Guinsoo's Rageblade (add 3% attack speed and endless batteries)

+ Rod unnecessarily large = Head of Rabadon's death (increase of 50% in capacity capacity)

+ Negatron Cloak = Ionic Spark (Every time an enemy makes a spell, it takes 200 damages)

+ Giant Belt = Morellonomicon (Spells cause damage of 5% of maximum enemy health per second)

+ Chain Vest = Locket of the Iron Solari (At the beginning of the combat, the Allies obtained a shield of 200)

+ BF Sword = Hextech Gunblade (Cure 25 percent of all treated damages)

+ Spatula = Yuumi (Wearer is also a wizard)

+ Tear of the goddess = Elegant of Luden (The spells inflict 200 damages per blow)

Negatron Cloak adds 20 in magic resistance

+ Arc crossed = damaged leaf (the attacks have less possibilities of reducing and reducing the enemy level by 1)

+ Rod unnecessarily large = Ionic spark (Every time an enemy makes a spell, it takes 200 damages)

+ Negatron Layer = Dragon Harp (Win 83% resistance to magical damage)

+ Belt of the giant = Zephyr (at the beginning of the battle, banish an enemy for five seconds)

+ Chain Vest = Sword Breaker (the attacks have the possibility of disarming)

+ BF Sword = Bloodthirster (The attacks cure 50% of the damage)

+ Spatula = Runaan Hurricane (Attacks two additional targets, additional attacks cause 50% damage)

+ Tear of the Goddess = Hush (Attacks have a great chance to mute)

The giant's belt adds 200 to health

+ Touring Arc = Hydra Titanic (attacks affect 10 percent of the maximum of the person as greetings)

+ Rod unnecessarily large = Morellonomicon (The spells make 5 percent of the highest health of the enemy per second)

+ Negatron Cloak = Zephyr (At the beginning of the battle, banish an enemy for 5 seconds)

+ Giant Belt = Warmog Armor (Wearer generates 3 percent maximum health per second)

+ Chain Vest = Red Buff (Attacks do additional damage by 2.5 percent)

+ BF Sword = Zeke Herald (Allies gain an additional 10% of the attack speed)

+ Spatula = Frozen spinach (The carrier is also glacial)

+ Tear of the Goddess = Redemption (upon death, heal all his near allies for health of 1000)

Chain Vest adds 20 in armor

+ Circuit arc = Ghost dancer (Wearer dodges all critical strikes)

+ Rod unnecessarily large = Medallion of the Solar of Iron (At the beginning of the combat, the allies obtain a shield of 200)

+ Negatron Cloak = Sword Breaker (Attacks have the possibility to disassemble)

+ Giant's belt = Red net (attacks cause additional damage by 2.5 percent

+ Chain Vest = Thornmail (reflects on 35% of the damages of the attacks)

+ BF Sword = Guardian Angel (Wearer revives with 500 health)

+ Spatula = The knight's vote (Wearer is also a knight)

+ Tear of the goddess = Frozen heart (the enemies lose the attack speed of 20 percent)

BF Sword adds 20 physical damage

+ Touring Arc = Sword of the Divinity (Every second, the bearer obtains 5% of possibilities of obtaining a 100% critical strike)

+ Rod unnecessarily large = Hextech Gunblade (60% scars for all treated damage)

+ Negatron Cloak = Bloodthirster (The attacks cure 50% of the damage)

+ Giant Belt = Zeke Herald (allies get 10% more attack speed)

+ Chain Vest = Guardian Angel (Wearer revives with 500 health) + BF Sword = Infinity Edge (Critical victims make an additional 100% damage)

+ Spatula = The ghost of Yomuu (Wearer is also a murderer)

+ Tear of the goddess = Shojin Spear (After casting, the carrier wins 15 per cent of his maximum command for attack)

The spatula … you must do something …

+ Arc crossed = Leaf of the ruined king (Wearer is also a Blade Master)

+ Rod unnecessarily large = Yuumi (Wearer is also a wizard)

+ Negatron Cloak = Hurricane Runaan (Attacks two additional targets and additional attacks cause 50% damage)

+ Giant Belt = Frozen Mallet (Wearer is also glacial)

+ Chain Vest = Knight's Vow (Wearer is also a knight)

+ Sword BF = The ghost of Yomuu (Wearer is also a murderer)

+ Spatula = Strength of nature (increase the size of the device for one)

+ Tear of the goddess = Darkin (Wearer is also a demon)

Tear of the Goddess adds 20 mana

+ Archway = static (every three attacks affect 100 magical damage).

+ Rod useless = Elegant of Luden (The spells inflict 200 damages per cops)

+ Negatron Cloak = Hush (Attacks have a great chance to mute)

+ Giant's belt = Redemption (to death, heal all your near allies for 1000's health)

+ Chain Vest = Frozen Heart (the enemies lose 20% of attack speed)

+ BF Sword = Shojin Spear (After the smelter, the carrier wins 15 percent of its maximum command for attack)

+ Spatula = Darkin (Wearer is also a daemon)

+ Tear of the Goddess = Embrace of the Seraph (Reclaim 20 per cent mana every time a spell is made)

Origins and classes

Each TFT character has an origin and a class. These attributes could give a bonus reward if combined with the right type (similar to the FIFA Ultimate Team chemistry.) You are not obligated to combine them, but it will be useful. Depending on the number of champions of the same class simultaneously on the board, you will have a bigger bonus. Below are the advantages and the number of champions that are required (in brackets) to activate this advantage.


Champions: Akali, Evelynn, Katarina, Kha & Zix, Pyke, Rengar and Zed

Bonus: (3) additional damage to 150%; (6) an additional critical damage of 350%


Champions: Aatrox, Draven, Fiora, Gangplank, Shen and Yasuo

Bonus: (3) an additional strike; (6) two extra strikes


Champions: Cho & # 39; Gath, Darius, Rek & # 39; Sai, Volibear and Warwick

Bonus: (3) additional health of 300 bonds; (6) 700 additional bonuses for health


Champions: Anivia, Brand and Kennen

Bonus: (3) Summon a golem when the combat begins


Champions: Braum and Leona

Bonus: (2) All tutors and allies receive 40 additional armor


Champions: Gangplank, Graves, Lucian, Miss Fortune and Tristana

Bonus: After attacking, the gunmen have a 50 percent chance of firing additional attacks – (2) attacking a random enemy; (4) attack all the other enemies of the rank


Champions: Blitzcrank, Garen, Kayle, Mordekaiser, Poppy and Sejuani

Bonus: (2) 20 blocked damages; (4) 40 blocked damages; (6) 60 blocked damages


Champions: Ashe, Kindred, Varus and Vayne

Bonus: Possibility of double speed attack for 3s; (2) 25 percent probability; (4) 65% probability

Modifier of shapes

Champions: Elise, Gnar, Nidalee, Shyvana and Swain

Bonus: (3) 100% maximum health bonus when it is transformed


Champions: Ahri, Aurelion Sol, Karthus, Kassadin, Lissandra, Lulu, Morgana and Veigar

Bonus: Double mana to attack, and their allies have increased spell damage – (3) 35% additional damage; (6) 100% additional damage for spells

The champions also have an origin. When your team has more of a champion of the same origin, the champions will receive bonuses.


Champions: Aatrox, Brand, Elise, Evelynn, Morgana and Varus

Bonus: the demons burn the command of the enemies – (2) the 30 percent probability; (4) 50 percent probability; (6) 70 percent probability


Champions: Aurelion Sol and Shyvana

Bonus: (2) All tutors and allies receive 40 additional armor


Champions: Yasuo

Bonus: (1) If there are no allies at the beginning of the combat, obtain a shield equivalent to 100% of maximum health.


Champions: Anivia, Ashe, Braum, Lissandra, Sejuani and Volibear

Bonus: Attacks have the opportunity to stun 2 – (2) 20 percent probabilities; (4) 30 percent probability; (6) a 45 percent probability


Champions: Darius, Draven, Katarina and Swain

Bonus: Double damage – (2) an Imperial; (4) all the imperials


Champions: Fiora, Garen, Kayle, Leona, Lucian and Vayne

Bonus: 100 additional armor and 35 attack health – (3) an ally; (6) all the allies


Champions: Akali, Kennen, Shen and Zed

Bonus: Only active when you have exactly one or four ninjas – (1) earn 40 percent additional attack; (4) all earn 80% damage in attack


Champions: Gangplank, Graves, Miss Fortune and Pyke

Bonus: Win up to four additional gold after the battle


Champions: Karthus, Kindred and Mordekaiser

Bonus: (2) All tutors and allies receive 40 additional armor


Champions: Blitzcrank

Bonus: (1) The robot starts the fight with a complete manna


Champions: Cho & # 39; Gath, Kassadin, Kha & Zix & Rek & # 39; Sai

Bonus: (3) All basic attacks ignore 50 percent of the armor of enemies


Champions: Ahri, Gnar, Nidalee, Rengar and Warwick

Bonus: attacks generate fury batteries (up to five times), and each gives an additional attack speed of 7%: (2) only wild allies; (4) all the allies


Champions: Lulu, Poppy, Tristana and Veigar

Bonus: the attacks against Yordles' companions have the possibility of losing – (3) 20 percent of possibilities; (6) 50 percent probability.

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