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The brain behind the tendency of the bikini of adhesive tape


Forget the crowns of flowers or boho jewelry grapes.

This weekend, like the tsunami of images of beautiful nations that live in Coachella through your feed, expect to see a lot of tapes.

Yes tape

That is why we can thank Joel Alvarez, the Miami designer of the Black Tape Project, who has become famous for creating swimsuits using only his imagination and rolls of the omnipresent domestic tape.

There is a good chance that you have already seen Alvarez's work. During the last two years, he has been the holder of international headlines with his incredible looks that were fully considered with highly organized black and metal adhesive tapes.

At the same time, this "new artistic medium" (as he called them) has helped him accumulate 369,000 Instagram followers.

This particular project began in 2008 when Alvarez was a novice photographer. As he explains in his web page, he was working with a model when "I suggested using an electric tape for its last look … Essentially, I wrapped it with a black electric tape!" Keep in mind that it looked like two Christmas hams wrapped in rubber rubbers when it was done! "

Just lovely

While most of us would have left the sticky things good after this experience, this shock provoked a specific creative fire to Álvarez, who later perfected his technique of using only adhesive tape to create just enough bikinis there .

Fortunately, its creative incursion into the world of models and curved tapes coincided with the rise of social networks. He did not arrive soon enough before the shots of his work were viral and over the years he has accumulated hundreds of thousands of "likes".

This online fame has also fallen into a real success worldwide: since then he has shown his work on events such as the New York Fashion Week and the Miami Swim Week.

But not everyone is a fan.

The online commentators have pointed out that these very revealing sets can be seen as very exploitative. On Twitter, a user said: "This is a so-called" malignant "degrading way! How can New York fashion week be supported?"

It seems that Alvarez only works with a woman with a very particular type of body and never with a body type.

"There is no male example: the shock," an online commentator wrote.

"The moment in which these tendencies are no longer alternative methods of feminine objectivation, it is the moment in which they will actually make sense."

"Is not it just a trick to have women practically naked on the beach so that men can kiss each other?" Asked another.

Bring to the comments section of Jezabel, a person published: "My ex is a close friend with this guy. It is exactly what you think. A fun guy who likes to play models and pretends it's for "art." Please. "

No matter what you think of your work, Álvarez is doing the bank with The Black Tape Project. Reserve it for a live performance will return $ 77,000. A session of recording and photo session with the title 'King of Tape' that will cost you between $ 700 and $ 1,400, New York Post has informed

If you are especially committed to experiment with this type of equipment, Álvarez organizes seminars that teach participants how to create their surprising and surprising styles. (The prices of the tickets vary between 700 and 1,050 dollars).

For those who may be more aware of the budget, Álvarez sells eight different varieties of its signature tape through its website for between $ 42 and $ 70. If you are thinking of doing something to make a request to Your home, suggests that you need about two rolls per equipment.

Hardly it turns out that these designs are not the most practical ones. On the one hand, although his creations are widely known as a "bathing suit", his website indicates that the tape is not water-resistant and that it also "will come out with excessive sweat".

The purchasing section of the Black Tape Project website also has this statement disconcerting: "Although our tape is safe for the skin, we recommend that you not be exposed to the sun directly for an extended period of time, as there is Possibility that you may receive some such interesting lines. "

It seems that the business is booming.

This weekend, Álvarez has packed his tape and his reliable scissors and went down to Coachella as part of the Palm Springs Fashion Week.

"I was asked ten years how long I think this tape will last," Alvarez told Instagram

"I said I have no idea, but yes [sic] dry it It continues to reinvent itself until there is nothing left to develop. "

This, or nothing else on the tape.

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