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The earliest drawings of animal caves can be returned for 52,000 years


The oldest known animal drawing was found in the distant Indonesian cave

The oldest known animal drawing was found in the distant Indonesian cave

"The location of these ancient images of animals and handmade patterns may indicate the passage of the first modern humans as they moved throughout Asia and went to the islands of Vallace, lying between land and continental Sahul (Australia and New Guinea) at this time)," O & # 39; Conor in e-mail. It can represent a species of wild cattle. CreditCreditLuc-Henri FageOn the wall of a cave deep in the Borneo jungle, there is a picture of a dense-burning, spindle-legged animal, drawn in reddish ocher. Maybe it's a raw picture. "We are planning archaeological excavations in these caves to find more information about these unknown artists." The date was approximately 35,400 years.

We know, he said, that people arrived in the region roughly between 70,000 and 60,000 years ago – yet, strangely, there seems to be no art cave from those early millennia. They had to find certain mineral deposits in the drawings to determine their ages with technology that measures the collapse of the elements of the uranium, according to AP.

In the cave on the island of Kalimantan in Indonesia, archaeologists discovered the earliest images of the cave.

"I have no doubt that at least 40,000 years have been taken at the oldest location, and this is an exciting result because it shows that painting in the cave was not an isolated event, but that it had a wide geographical distribution", prof. Pike explained. Many cave paintings lack the required carbon to date. In addition, the half-life of radioactive carbon is only 5,730 years old.

It was noticed that in the mountain caves of the Indonesian province of East Kalimantan, figurative paintings with an age of at least 40,000 years were discovered.

"But there are some doubts as to whether their pattern crossed figurative art. It appears to lie on a pigment of 15cm from the animal figure, although it may once have been part of this figure (which is very isolated), they did not show that it was part that ".

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Two other red-orange handmade matrices from the same cave have a minimum age of 37,200 years, while the third has a maximum age of 51,800 years, indicating that the palaeolithic tradition of stone art first appeared on Borneo for about 52,000 to 40,000 years.

However, although we now know that people began to create figurative art in almost the same time in two different worlds (Western Europe and Borneo), we do not know who these artists are. The oldest fossils Homo sapiens, found in Morocco, are 300,000 years old.

Figurative art is a sign of this period in human history.

Dating also indicates that major changes took place in this culture about 20,000 years ago, which led to a new style of style (including rare portraits of people) at a time when the global climate climate was at its peak. "In the beginning, people made a figurative painting of large animals and later began to show the human world," said research scientist Makima Aubert, an archeologist and geochemist at Griffith University in Australia. In addition to his artwork, no one found the trace of people who used to live there.

Aubert said they were trying to see if I could pull out any DNA, but admitted "it's a long shot." "We want to know who these people are. They also seem to talk to us today."

The region of the ice age of France and Spain has always been seen as a global center for the art of cave art thanks to stunning animal images known in this field.

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