Tuesday , March 2 2021

The French man gets four months in prison to replace the price tag of PS4 with a $ 10 fruit label

Sometimes, that is Better let your dreams be dreams. A 19-year-old man from Nice, France, knew that, with the greatest difficulty of having a PlayStation 4 on a supermarket shelf, walking to the fruit section, weighing it, printing a price sticker , put it in the box and then buy the console for the price of a 3 kg product bag.

French publication The Republicain He reports that the young man, called Adel, has recently been sentenced to four months in prison to retire from The Great PlayStation Fruit Heist from 2018 in September.

Normally, he would have had to pay € 340 ($ 543), but his aroma with perfumes produced lowered the price to 9 euros ($ 14). He used a self-help line, which probably helped prevent employee scrutiny, and sold the PlayStation partially for $ 100 ($ 159) to pay for a train ticket.

Adel tried to do the same again next day, only to be captured by the police. At the end of the week, he did not appear in the court in Montbéliard, France and was sentenced to four months in prison. At this point, you probably want to finish buying a banana.

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