Saturday , April 17 2021

The "Snooty Fox" hotel relinquishes the ratings after some terrible reviews

A hotel in Cornwall, England has been accused of deceptive customers showing a false four-star rating of AA on its website.

Snooty Fox at Looe, a coastal fishing village, has had a series of bad reviews on TripAdvisor.

It was reported to the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) by a member of the public to display an image with the AA logo and "AA 4 * & # 39; to your website.

Despite acknowledging the complaint, they did not send a "substantive response" to an investigation of the Advertising Standards Agency, which considered that the rating was "deceptive."

The repression comes after The Snooty Fox was called "terrible" in TripAdvisor for a recently dissatisfied guest chain.

On the hotel website, it announces private accommodation with the "highest standards of comfort, hospitality and cleanliness", with rooms that cost up to € 100 (AU $ 180) a night in high season

But many who stayed there took TripAdvisor to complain about the hotel standards.

A user named Adamharris0n, from Lincoln, wrote: "Do not even bother. Exhausted, no breakfast, covered grass, no one even on the property."

Diane HKent, from Wakefield, also gave the hotel a recent review of a star and wrote: "I would definitely not recommend.

"We stayed for four nights and during this time we did not know any member of the staff. The room smelled like hands when we arrived as if it had been silent for a while."

And another called user 134theresav from Worthing said: "If you look at your website, Snooty Fox announces it as a bed and breakfast. It is not.

"It's just a room. There is nothing, not even personal!

"There were a number of people who stayed at the same time as us and everyone was afraid of the false representation of this property. It's not going anywhere, but not here."

There were also some positive comments, praising the "tasteful" decoration and the "friendly owner", but the recent reviews have been very negative.

A spokesman for the Advertising Standards Agency said: "ASA was worried about the lack of a substantial response from The Snooty Fox and the apparent disdain of the code.

"We reminded them of their responsibility to provide a substantial response to our queries and told them to do so in the future.

"We believe that consumers would understand from the inclusion of the AA logo and star rating on the announcement that The Snooty Fox had received a four-star guarantee from the hotel classification scheme of AA.

"The Snooty Fox did not provide any evidence that they had received this endorsement and the AA did not include the hotel on its website nor claimed that it had granted The Snooty Fox a four-star rating. So, we concluded that the ad was deceptive. "

He also detailed the action taken: "The ad should not appear again in the way it complains. We told The Snooty Fox that it did not claim or implied that they had received a back end if they did not They had done this. We have sent the subject to the CAP compliance team. "

In general, the hotel has a 3.5 score on TripAdvisor, having received 275 comments on the site with almost a fifth (18%) of them only one star.

Sun Online Travel has contacted The Snooty Fox for comments.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been released again with permission.

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