Saturday , April 17 2021

The unfortunate doctor had sex with cancer patients

WARNING: graphic content:

An "unfortunate" doctor from Canada has been arrested for a panel to take advantage of a cancer patient "emaciated" after having sex with him in his hospital bed – during treatment.

Theepa Sundaralingam was withdrawn from her license on Wednesday by a tribunal at the College of Doctors and Surgeons in Ontario, Toronto, where she was found guilty of sexually abusing a patient.

The 37-year-old woman with her patient started when she gave her Instagram ID and her personal phone number one day after delivering her devastating diagnosis.

After posting unconditional messages, he became physical-hugging and kissing him before he gradually went to Sundaralingam masturbating and having sex with his patient-in hospital bed.

"Of practically the beginning of his medical / patient relationship, you crossed the limits and, finally, he abused sexually an extremely vulnerable patient who suffers from a life-threatening illness," he told John Langs the chairman of the disciplinary office in Sundaralingam in an official remonstration, half of the room in front of the panel

Sundaralingam, who treated the man 23 times between January and July of 2015 and once in March of 2016, did not plead for any contest, which means that he was not admitting guilt, but accepted that the court accepted The accusations as a matter of fact, The Star reported.

The panel described his behavior as "abusive" and "boring."

According to the publication, a statement of unanswered facts said that he visited the patient several times in his house, where he lived with his family, and would spend hours with him in his room devoting himself to sexual activities.

The sex of the phone was also a regular activity.

Other meetings included visiting home in the hospital after having been drinking and participating in "mutually, sexually touching." He also tried to masturbate the patient in the bed of his hospital, but was interrupted when a friend entered, The Star reported.

Jenny Stephenson, on the left, advises oncologist Theepa Sundaralingam, leaves a disciplinary hearing with her client at the College of Doctors and Surgeons. Photo / Getty Images
Jenny Stephenson, on the left, advises oncologist Theepa Sundaralingam, leaves a disciplinary hearing with her client at the College of Doctors and Surgeons. Photo / Getty Images

After having worried, the school would point out that it was inappropriate and sexual, he asked the patient to remove their texts and keep their relationship in secret, that he did as he did it indicates.

After asking her to remove her name from any visitor registration in the hospital, the year ended in 2015, explaining that she was in love with a colleague .

The man, who can not be named, said: "It's difficult to talk to anyone about it, because the reality is that I am a man, for me to say:" Hey, I have dated my oncologist, "not Be a surprise for someone to say "Cool." But that's not great.

"This is not the case because I feel abused, and it is very difficult for a male to leave and say this on a female. It is usually the other way around.

"I was physically emaciated and emotionally exposed and the loss of a critical relationship has overcome."

He said that what worsened the toll was his refusal to continue providing medical attention at the same time.

"At that time, I could not see the branches of the appointment with my treatment oncologist. I could not see the degree of vulnerability and the power I had over myself."

The panel told Sundaralingam that she was responsible for the health, care and support of her patient, but that was used for her own personal satisfaction.

"You then withdrew this support for your own personal preference at a time when the patient was at the lowest point. You have miserably and professionally."

Sundaralingam now has to pay CA $ 16,000 ($ 17,600) to cover the patient's therapy costs and an additional CA $ 6,000 ($ 6600) to cover the cost of discipline hearing, reports The Star.

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