Sunday , October 2 2022

Travelers advised to check flight times


Travelers entering and leaving the Sydney airport warns them to check their flight status today after bad weather, strong winds and a handful of air traffic control workers ill cause chaos .

Airlines were forced to cancel services yesterday, as fewer air traffic controllers changed their turn today, fewer airplanes were reduced for take-off and landing.

Although it worked frantically yesterday to make the services work again over the weekend, a spokesman for Air Services Australia confirmed that there are similar delays today.

"Air traffic services will experience some disturbance today due to weather conditions and staff absences in the Sydney tower," Air Services Australia said.

"To guarantee a safe service, we have reduced the traffic and we are working with the industry to minimize delays. We hope to see improvements over the afternoon."

A Jetstar spokesman told, all national passengers traveling to Sydney and out of Sydney could expect delays of at least 50 minutes.

The spokesman said that companies also had technical problems with the system that is normally fueled by airlines over time delays.

"One of the systems they use to schedule these delays is not available," Jetstar spokesman said.

"So you are not able to figure out which flights you are canceling or delaying. We hope the system will work again and we understand the frustration of the customers."

The 22-hour curfew at the Sydney airport could also mean that the subsequent flights could be canceled inside and outside the center.

"At the end of the day we will have a series of flights that will have to be canceled," Jetstar spokesman said.

"We recommend that clients who want to enter and withdraw delays before going to the airport."

Travelers trapped in the Sydney airport have already started damaging airlines for the unavoidable delays.

Yesterday afternoon, several Australian airlines were forced to cancel flights.

Qantas canceled seven flights and 14 domestic Jetstar services, including flights between Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Adelaide, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

"All airlines are affected by a shortage of air traffic control staff in Sydney," said Virgin Australia yesterday.

"We have let travelers traveling today know that there may be a delay or a change in your flight and we encourage all guests who are traveling today to check the page of the flight status of Virgin Australia before # 39. go to the airport ".

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