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Vail Resorts will be net by 2020 thanks to VPPA


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Vail rests zero VPPA emissions

Posted on November 16, 2018
Steve Hanlei

November 16, 2018 by Steve Hanlei

In July 2017, Vail Resorts, one of the largest sports and skiing and outdoor sports companies in the United States, announced the Epic Promise For A Zero Footprint campaign. It was a three-part program aimed at reducing net emissions by zero by 2030, sending zero waste to landfills by the same date, as well as a zero corporate impact on the forests and habitats in which it operates.

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Credit: Schneider Electric

"Everything we do in Vail Resorts is a spectacular natural environment in which our employees, guests and communities live, work and play. Environment is our job and we have a special obligation to protect it," said Rob Katz, director of Vail Resorts. "As a growing global company that is so deeply connected with nature, we devote ourselves to solving our most important global environmental challenges and protecting our local communities and natural resources. With our" Bishop for Zero Imprint "Vail resorts do the right thing for the environment and for our business. "

On November 13, Vail Resorts discovered that it had completed a two-year 12-year electricity purchase contract that would allow it to receive all the electricity needed for its North American operations from the Plum Creek Farm in Minnesota. Plum Creek is developing by Lincoln Clean Energy – a division of the Danish wind power company Ørsted.

Vail Resorts will buy 310,000 megawatt hours of wind energy annually – sufficient to meet the electrical needs of all of its operations in North America, which include not only the Vail and Crested Butte ski area in Colorado, but also the Stevens Pass Resort in Washington, Okemo Mountain Resort in Vermont, and Mount Sunapee Resort in New Hampshire. VPPA will make Vail Resorts the first major recreational and catering company in North America to meet all its electrical needs with 100% renewable energy.

"This agreement is just one of the many ways that Vail Resorts works to be industry-leading in the preservation of the environment, bringing more renewable energy online," said Rob Katz. "While continuously working with local, state and federal governments and utility partners to find ways to produce renewable energy sources in the markets where our individual resorts are located, this wind farm purchase agreement allows us to make a measurable impact on climate change – and its impact on the planet – in just a few years. "

Schneider Electric Energi & Sustainabiliti Services acted as a consultant to Vail Resorts to select the Plum Creek project. John Povers, vice president of Renewable Energy and Cleaner for Schneider Electric, says CleanTechnica in e-mail, "in 2018, it has shown that the interest of renewable energy companies is greater than ever, both in the US and abroad, and companies like Vail Resorts are taking action and a leading position. They set the standard and move their industry forward."

Vail Resorts recently signed a contract with Kscel Energi from Colorado to support a new solar energy facility and encourages Rocka Mountain Pover, Utah Utility Company, which has so far shown little interest in renewable energy sources – to deal with a proposal to add 308 megawatts – Saving renewable energy to its energy mix.

Zero Initiative Initiative

Vail Resorts is also stepping up plans to significantly reduce the amount of waste products sent to local landfills. This initiative involves the removal of disposable plastic plates, cups and dishes in dining rooms, switching to compostable straws, building composting facilities in their communities, and the use of waste monitoring sensors to better measure current waste streams and identify inefficiencies. These moves are expected to retain more than 400 tonnes of waste products outside local landfills in the next two winter seasons.

Kudos to Vail Resorts to take initiatives must be good managers of the Earth while continuing their business activities. If only their example would influence national leaders to adopt similar policies for renewable energy and zero waste, America could indeed become a world leader again.

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