Monday , October 18 2021

Video of the brutal struggle of neighbors is viral


A group of angry neighbors have become improbable stars of social networks after being filmed safely attacking each other with wooden tables.

The noisy neighborhood of the city was stuck in the movie for the Twitter user Taran Stokoe, who was going to visit his grandmother at that time.

Mr. Stokoe uploaded images to the social media platform earlier this month with the title: "I do not need an alarm clock at my house in Nanna this morning when you have tablet wars coming out at 8 o'clock tomorrow. "

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The 11-second clip has attracted more than five million visits and hundreds of thousands of actions and comments so far.

It is believed that the incident has occurred somewhere in the United Kingdom, although the identities of those involved or the reason for the fight are not known.

The short video begins with a man with a gray bridge that throws a wooden board on its fence and lacks the neighbor, who later grabs the wood and threatens to throw it again.

The first man takes another counter and adds a woman, who is between them with her arms raised while it seems that men stop to stop fighting.

But she enters the house just to return again and throw her own wooden board as the incident escalates, with a second wife and a dog looking at the strange scene from a window above.

The clip ends with one of the neighbors who cast several wooden planks on the fence, and his opponent is not seen anywhere.

Fortunately, nobody seems to have been hurt in the incident, with all the blows that do not reach anyone.

Social media users have not been able to resist having fun with outraged neighbors.

"For any American public, do not be alarmed, this is just a tradition in England," he published.

"The launch of the morning plate allows neighbors to show love and affection by firing fire fires to keep their homes warm in winter. Huge love shown at the end when they pull back."

"A little bit of time for board games," another one wrote.

Another added: "Make Britain again."

"I still maintain that we should have a compulsory background when buying wood," said another Twitter user.

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