Thursday , May 19 2022

Vinterbottom remembered for an emotionally farewell place


Mark Winterbottom has set his sights on rounding Thirteen-year term "Tickford Racing" to the final piece of silver items this weekend in Newcastle.

The 2018 Supercars Finals is the last Winterbottom event with Ford's equipment in which he joined the 24-year-old in 2006, while the veteran is expected to join the team of 18 Holden teams next season.

Winterbottom's Tickford rest includes all at least 56 career first 468 races starting, 38 wins, 35 poles and 117 podiums.

His record is under the title Bathurst 1000 win in 2013 and the title Supercars two years later.

This weekend also marks Winterbottom's latest Ford Falcon, the only Supercar model ever to run, including the Dunlop Super2 Series.

"It will be an emotional weekend, surely, but we have a race to win, so my focus is still 100 percent on the run," Winterbottom said.

"We had a good car last couple of laps, so if we can connect, there is no reason we can not get out of the weekend with good results.

"Indeed, my peak in 2017 was a temporary pole (on Sunday), I know we can be fast and we hope that we will be quick again.

"This team was 13 years old and together we had a lot of success, so both of us want to do it with a happy ending and definitely want to finish here with the trophy."

Winterbottom is the 12th in the table that approaches the end of the frustrating 2018 for Tickford, and Chaz Mostert is his leading driver sixth after a recent breakthrough.

Cameron Vaters is the 16th and novice by Richie Stanavai of 25 out of 26 full timers.

The water will start its 100th on Sunday. The Supercars start, 96 of its current 98 excursions came to Tickford Falcons from the 2014 enduros.

The exits were Bathurst 1000 races in 2011 and # 12 at the Kelli Racing Commodores, after winning the Shannons Supercar Shovdovn Real TV show as a 17-year-old.

Vaters' Monster Ford will replace # 6 for # 100 to mark the milestone this weekend.

"I pumped to go to Nevcalo to finish a year and obviously pretty cool stats with my 100th race this weekend," Vaters said.

"I hope we get a good result for my 100th race and finish Falcon, so it will be a cool weekend.

"100 races went fast, I'm only 24, so I hope there are a few more hundred to come.

"I'm excited that this year has progressed. We started a year very poor and we really found our feet.

"Qualifying was quite good for the end of the year, we had the top five in a row in the qualifications and we really finished the year really.

"We hope that we will be able to finish the strong, which will help us bring us to the next year with Mustang, and I really want to go to rocking next year."

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