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Why Fallout 76 is fighting with the players

Fallout 76 Op. Ed

The latest version of Bethesda in the Fallout series is here, but if you're a fan for previous versions of the game, this may be the Fallout that you will want to pass. Although everyone will have their own personal opinion, the Fallout 76 can be considered the worst in the arena or in the sale of the worst kind. Head-up, you have assumed, this is a op-ed look at Bethesda's new game.

Before we get into some of the problems that are currently losing Fallout 76, in the interests of justice, I should emphasize that part of my trouble for this game comes from watching one of my long-term favorite bands turn into MMORPGs. I've never been a person who enjoys online games. I'm mostly looking for games that are stories. The fun games strategy is important to me, as well as a certain amount of challenges, but if the story is bad or damaged by other factors, I do not think the game is worth playing.

Over the years, I've watched some of my favorite bands such as Varcraft and Star Wars: The Knights' Old Republic turned into MMORPG, and it hurts me to see it happens in Fallout. All previous games in the Fallout series were very nice, with early attention and an incentive to follow the story to the end.

MMORPG is often struggling to start playing with a strong story, partly because of other people's wives. It's hard to be the main character in the story when several others stand next to you. Fallout 76 also suffers from this, and you hardly get ten minutes in the game before seeing dozens of other people following the road that set the main story. The situation worsens every time you need access to certain equipment. Work tables, fireplaces and terminals allow only one person to access at the same time. If you need access to any of these items, you will be stuck on hold in a virtual line. Finally, play with all the fun of visiting the local DMV!

Waiting for the use of equipment slows down the story and can be boring, but this is not the only thing that kills the story. You may want to work hard through the area, but it's hard to do when a trickle is standing next to you jumping up and down or running in circles. The Fallout 76 enemies will attack anyone they see, and players can sweep away the monster swarm. There is also a significant shortage of NPCs. There are some robots, but the story is mostly driven by audio recordings and text documents. There are no characters for you to get used to or to help conceal a story, and it collects any real motivation, you need to finish the story.

In short, after playing Fallout 76 for a short time, the main story becomes boring and uninteresting. It also does not help that the main story starts just by telling you to go from one place to another. Since the exploration of the desert has always been a key part of any Fallout game, you will not be far away before deciding to go for research. This is also somehow hampered by the changes they made to turn the game into MMORPG.

As you explore the desert, you will again be surrounded by people. Exceptionally, this may be somewhat problematic, as Bethesda increased the respiratory rate to deal with an increased number of players and prevented the adventure from becoming a dead zone. This is one of the characteristics that worsens when fewer people turn, because you can meet new enemies every time you turn around if you go on a quest.

precipitation 76 e3

Enter the building, and the second time you can physically block your path. Players can not pass through each other, so if someone leaves his character standing in the door or in a similar cramped area, you will stuck them and wait for them to move from the road. You will also have to deal with another or two loading times each time you browse the containers, as the system checks with the on-line server to see what to insert in the box.

After completing research and inventory a lot of robbery, you will also have the joy or pay a quick trip to the base or walk. If you do not have enough drops, you have no choice. Since a quick trip is something you can do in other Fallout games, this is a pretty strange decision and it makes no sense. A quick trip should be a way for your character to move from the current location to somewhere else, without having to manually control everything. In a great outdoor game, it's incredibly useful as a time keeper. But, forcing them to make enough pay for the payment is just stupid.

In addition to these changes, the general experience in the game significantly resembles Fallout 4, which raises the question of why to buy Fallout 76? If Fallout 4 has the same graphics, the same experience in the game and a better story, what is the reason for Fallout 76?

Fallout Neveg Stock Image

If you are tired of Fallout 4 and you really want to spend more time exploring the desert, then dig up some of the older games in the series. Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout tactics differ significantly from Fallout 4, but there are all interesting and pleasant titles for research. Fallout 3 and Fallout Nev Vegas are somewhat similar to Fallout 4, but they are well built with lots of differences to enjoy. Fallout Nev Vegas is actually my favorite game in the series to date, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has not already tried it.

As a longtime fan of the Fallout series, I really wanted to like this game. I played every Fallout game released on the computer, and I actually live close to some of the locations displayed in Fallout 76. The amusement park shown in the game, Camden Park, is a short 10 minute drive away from my house. But I can not help but feel that they have been destroyed with the focus on downloading the game online and I'm seriously hoping this will be the first and last Fallout game that will be mandated to play in the MMORPG environment.

If you are an MMORPG fan, you may love Fallout 76, but for those you do not have, it's a nightmare.

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