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1922 – 2018: comic book legend Stan Lee is dead


Lee's career, which made him one of the most influential people in the comic world, began early: at 17, the son of Roma immigrants in 1939 began working for the publishing house Timeli Publications: Firstly as a copywriter, and only shortly afterwards comic editor. The publisher was later renamed to Marvel. Lee announced his first job in 1941, but he had to survive until his real career began a deep comic genre.

The formative episode was only in the late 1950s and early 1960s, in which the race between DC Comics and Marvel was relaxed. Lee ordered to create his own superheroid power that could compete with the competition. DC Comics came to life after a slippery slumber in the 1950s only with Justice League of America, in which they appeared together with Superman and Batman and Wonder Voman, Flash and Green Lantern, a superhero genre. Lee then developed along with drafter Jack Kirby from 1961, "Fantastic Fourth", which also proved to be a success.

From Hulk to Black Panther

In the following years Lee called heroes like Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Ks-Men, Daredevil Doctor Strange and the most famous character Marvel Spider-Man – all heroes, along with creators like the recently deceased Steve Ditko and Bill Everett. who enjoy great popularity because of their plastic personality and human weaknesses. With new characters, not only did diversity return to the comic world, a new depth of character can inspire the audience. Today we are talking about the "silver age" of superhero comics.

Stan Lee with Lou Ferrigno and Eric Kramer as Hulk and Thor

AP / Nick Ut

Stan Lee with Thor (Eric Kramer, left) and Hulk (Lou Ferrigno), 1988

Even his "Marvel Method" is attributed to Leeu, with which brochures could be produced even faster: instead of the usual letter before, he gave only rough information about the course of the story, so the drafters generally had a free hand. This is only possible thanks to the great confidence among colleagues, because the time for the corrections did not remain in the end. All in all, Lee and his colleagues created about 350 caricatures.

Legendary performances on cameras

Lee was an undisputed actor in the comical world and very active until recently. Last year he said he was working on a Latin American superhero. In the end, but not least, his numerous appearances in the films ensured that his enthusiasm for fans was well thought-out. His last appearance was in the film "Venom", which began in October, where he played passers-by with a dog.

Lee's comics have been translated into more than 25 languages ​​and published in more than 75 countries. To this day, Lee's creations ruin millions in cash. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) was the most successful series of films in the history of cinema in the superhero hyphen from the past years. Financial issues relating to film rights and appointment rights were also expelled by Lee several times over several years. However, Lee withdrew a $ 1 billion lawsuit against his former production company in June.

Stan Lee blows candles on a cake next to his wife and supercars in 1975


Lee and his recently deceased wife, Joan, at the Marvel anniversary in 1975

His weakness, according to him, was that he did not have much money with his inventions, even as publisher Marvel and editor-in-chief since 1972. "I was stupid about the job. I should have been greedy," he said in 2017 – but his wealth was estimated at about $ 50 million (40 million euros).

Sorrow in Hollywood

In Hollywood, Lee's death caused sorrow. "Today we lost a true superhero," Academy Academy turned on Twitter. "Stan Lee, thank you for everything." Even comedian Seth Rogen thanked Leeu: He gave people who felt different, feeling that they were something special. "You've been and will always be a superhero," wrote actress Jamie Lee Curtis. German rapper Kasper wrote in English: "You, yourself, were the greatest superhero of all."

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