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A pay dollar, but 20 million for the security of Mark Zuckerberg «


According to Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg only received a salary to the dollar in 2018. At the same time, the company pays $ 20 million for the security of the boss.

14:20, April 13, 2019

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg © (c) AP (Andrew Harnik)

Mark Zuckerberg In 2018, he received a base salary of a dollar from his Facebook company. At the same time, however, he spent more than $ 20 million in security measures. This is clear from the financial documents recently published by the company.

Co-manager of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg He received a base salary of 850,000 dollars in the 2018 CFO David Wehner, the then CDP Christopher Cox and CTO Mike Schroepfer there were 760,000 dollars each. Only Zuckerberg came out with the symbolic basis of a dollar, as can be read on page 24 of the document. This is what refers to the general manager's security costs.

Security is very important

Zuckerberg received $ 22.6 million from Facebook last year for security reasons. This is four times what he had received in 2016, and even more than double that in 2017, when the compensation was $ 9.1 million.

Facebook said that Zuckerberg received about $ 10 million in standard personal security in 2018, adding $ 10 million in "$ 10 million in taxes to cover additional costs associated with Mr. Zuckerberg and his personal security" . Money is used to guarantee your safety at home and during the trip.

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