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The Chinese manufacturer Huawei has been the subject of interest in the media in recent months. It was mainly about the issue of a possible close relationship with the Chinese government. And about possible security issues when Huawei participates in the 5G expansion in Western countries. Huawei did not want to talk about this when he presented the new main model in Paris. Journalists were ordered before the interviews that omitted only these issues. The P30 should be understood in the foreground.

The strategy is clear: to convince the market of the reliability and reliability of the company with attractive devices. By doing so, Huawei not only has to compete with the competition, but to overcome it. With the P20 Pro and the Mate 20 Pro, the manufacturer has even set new standards in terms of camera quality.

A camera with smartphone. The model tested by "Presse am Sonntag" is a P30 Pro and has been provided by Huawei. The device offers everything you want the technology of the heart. A very good processor from its own development (HiSilicon Kirin 980) and eight gigabytes of RAM. This is more than just some laptops that they offer. It's not about whether the smartphone is fast, but how fast. In the reference parameters, the P30 Pro depends on almost all the competition. A result that is also reflected in the perception in the test. There is nothing wrong with that.

Processing is of high quality and leaves nothing to be desired. It is a smartphone that has obtained more than one epithet higher. Huawei also seems to be aware of this. The show focused on the camera and its excellent qualities. With this promise, we've tried the device rather under the look of a camera.

We have found that only the Huawei P30 Pro is indicated in the camera test of DxOMark. This works great, as was to be expected. The cheapest P30 can not be found. Huawei chief of the mobile branch explained recently that the opposite could be shown in all places and one wants to avoid a monopoly position. Rather, it is likely that Huawei wants to increase sales of the P30 Pro.

Beyond what you can see. With three different focal lengths, including hybrid zoom and digital zoom of fifty times, the camera of the P30 Pro is incredibly versatile. In the standard configuration, the camera takes the initiatives and offers fantastic images. The all-inclusive package also includes low light and Huawei also shines here. The night mode of Google is already impressive, but Huawei is again in the P30 Pro and without any custom mode. The zoom of 50x does not offer super sharp images, but it is scary to see to what extent you can get details from afar.

With just under $ 1,000 (256 GB), the smartphone is not a bargain, but it's cheaper than Apple or Samsung. Huawei still has room for the video feature. Otherwise, there is not much to moan on the device. The battery lasts for up to three days. You could achieve the mission to convince the world of impeccable work of Huawei with the P30.

("Die Presse", printed edition, 14.04.2019)

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