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Abandoned: Is the title a new Metal Gear Solid game?

Abandoned: Is the title a new Metal Gear Solid game?  - Rumor

In recent months, there has probably not been a game that has been discussed with as much fanfare as the upcoming BLUE BOX Game Studios title. “Abandoned”. After many gamers thought the work could be a new outbreak of Konami’s legendary “Silent Hill” series, speculation is becoming the direction of another heavyweight from the Japanese company: “Metal Gear Solid”.

Abandoned: The inmates believe in the Metal Gear Solid connection

At least that’s what Anton Logvinov, a well-known Russian video game journalist and industry insider who leaked the PC port “Horizon Zero Dawn,” for example, thinks. In a recent post Post on Twitter writes that “Abandoned” is not really a completely new and independent IP (via Comic).

In fact, he believes the project is supposed to be “Metal Gear Solid 6”. As he explains, he knows “for a long time” that Konami would work on this game. In addition, it would seem to him that those responsible for the game were moving towards marketing Kojima for “Metal Gear Solid 5”, which at that time had caused quite a stir in the industry.

In a later tweet, Logvinov added that he wasn’t sure if the title was really a new “Metal Gear Solid” movie or maybe a remake. RumorsThe fact that Konami and Sony Interactive Entertainment have to work together on a new edition of the iconic stealth saga has haunted the vastness of the Internet for a long time. In addition, the study posted a new one on Twitter Teaser image in “Abandoned,” which shows a blurred figure subtly reminiscent of Snake.

On the subject: abandoned: the new tweet causes confusion, the study apologizes

These theories and speculations carry additional weight due to the recent appearance of Hasan Karhaman, founder of BLUE BOX Game Studios. This has recently been accepted a podcast part sponsored by Konami. However, this does not necessarily mean something, as Karhaman himself in several tweets has all the connections between his company and the Japanese. denied.

“Abandoned” is currently in development for PlayStation 5. The first gameplay material for the survival game is expected to be released in August. One Experience-App should already be available on PlayStation Store, for which download the creators at small instructions published.


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What do you think of all the rumors about “Abandoned”?

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