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Acquisition: “” Radstadt is sold for 250 million euros

The American company ChargePoint wants it The European provider of electronic mobility software from Radstadt for 250 million euros.

RADSTADT. The Radstadt-based company has broken all records with Charge Point’s takeover bid. So far, the sale of the company Linz “runtastic” was the most expensive acquisition with 230 million euros, but the Pongau-based company again surpassed it by 20 million euros.

“Salzburg, but also many other regions of Austria, still depend heavily on tourism. With it must be we have demonstrated it in our valuable landscapes
Have climate protection solutions used around the world. I hope
You will find imitators! “ –, the general manager Martin Klässner

The company’s headquarters remain in Radstadt

According to, ChargePoint Holdings, a leading company in electric mobility charging infrastructure solutions in North America and Europe, announced yesterday, July 20, 2021, the signing of an acquisition agreement. One of the reasons for the acquisition is based on the fact that Europe is currently one of the fastest growing e-mobility markets in the world. generated sales of around 9.5 million euros last year and the now target purchase price of 250 million euros should be paid for both cash and shares. Officially, the acquisition will take place at the end of 2021. The company’s headquarters will remain in Radstadt, the new headquarters of the pan-European company was not installed until the spring of 2021. Because the fact that the company has achieved international success in a small community like Radstadt is an important sign for other business founders.

Eight years of success

Martin Klässner, co-founder of, explains on the company’s website: “In the last eight years, our talented team has made a decisive contribution to e-mobility in Europe and has won a large number of leading brands as customers. They rely every day on our software platform to meet your technical requirements. Together with ChargePoint, we will continue to follow this vision in the future, and as the market continues to expand, we will achieve an even higher scale. “Klässner wants to remain active in the group, but it is not yet known in what position. The American group will take 125 employees in Austria and Germany and offer solutions and charging stations in all European countries, as well as in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Ukraine.

There are well-known collaborators

Charge Point will mainly benefit from the good position of in the Austrian, Swiss and German markets. According to the Radstadt-based company, well-known brands such as Aral, Audi, GP Joule, Ionity and Porsche rely on their software solutions. The Volkswagen Group can be named one of the largest shareholders. “As part of our long-standing commitment to electromobility, we have invested in at an early stage. We believe that ChargePoint and together have great potential to further advance electromobility, “says Elke Temme, head of Volkswagen Charging & Energy. Thanks to its comprehensive software platform, the company is able to use complex e-To use cases.cover mobility and offer solutions for the diversity of cargo infrastructures.By the way, software was fully developed in Salzburg.

Advantages for American companies

“As a consolidated market leader in North America, our continued investment in the European market is critical to our growth strategy,” said Pasquale Romano, president and CEO of ChargePoint, commenting on the acquisition. The American group is pleased to announce the acquisition agreement. Add ChargePoint “a leading e-mobility company with a talented team, strong and innovative technology and an impressive customer base.”

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