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After biteing the spider, vegan only eats meat – why the new diet swears


An American woman ate vegan until she was infected by a spider with carnivorous bacteria. Surgery saved her life, but she had to completely change her diet.

What sounds like a horror story was a bitter reality for Sylwia Tabor, 32, of Sacramento, California. The young woman who was alert for health was on a camping day in the US state of Michigan when the disaster stuck. A brown spider spider bite him in bed, which Tabor did not suspect at that time: a dangerous infection will be the result.

Spider bite as a carrier of carnivorous bacteria

Shortly after the bite of the spider, Tabor discovered a granite in the groin, which soon became a lurch. Tabor not only brought him to the doctor: Violet, puffiness in the stomach and the waist bothered the young woman. It became quickly clear to trainees: Sylwia Tabor suffered necrotizing fasciitis caused by carnivorous bacteria, probably transmitted by spider bite,

After a three-hour operation, the infection was under control and did not spread more in his body, according to the British daily Daily Mirror. But even after surgery in 2017, Tabor felt sick and weak. Your guess: Your vegan diet is not conducive to the healing process,

The vegan diet made Sylwia Tabor dream of raw meat

The 32-year-old boy changed his diet rigorously. Even before the serious illness, Tabor noticed that the vegan diet was good for his conscience: he decided to stop eating animal products after documenting the factory agriculture, but his health was affected : "I realized that it made me weaker" I had less energy and had problems digesting my food properly, "Sylwia recalled as a vegan. The lack of protein even made Tabor begin to dream of eating raw meat,

When Tabor also developed intolerance to nuts, he even took less proteinNot only nuts, but many vegetables caused eruptions in the young woman, so he only ate fruit at some point. But all the fructose made the teeth very sensitive.

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Today two pounds of meat are eaten daily, even raw

In 2018 Tabor decided to eat meat again. And so far he has not regretted one day:As soon as I had eaten the first piece of meat, I immediately felt stronger"He remembered, since then, it can not be enough for Tabor: he eats about two pounds of lamb or beef.

Tabor even says: "I am grateful to the necrotic fasciitis that made me change my diet that caused me death." After surgery and all the antibiotics that he had to take later, he did not absorb enough nutrients through the gastrointestinal tract, which Tabor also attributed to the vegan diet earlier. The more women in their 32 years face a diet rich in flesh after their serious illness, the more they realized "Eating meat is the most effective way to absorb nutrients, much more than eating carbohydrates and vegetables."Therefore, she advises the entire meat diet, but only with the meat the origin of which I trust.

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What is a necrotizing fasciitis?

The infectious disease usually occurs by bacteria that penetrate through small injuries or skin injections to the body. It is associated with pain in the affected areas and fever can also occur. Inflammation occurs and the skin becomes hot and the bottles. In the final phase, the skin diesTherefore, the infected tissue must be quickly eliminated by the doctor surgically.

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