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All counterfeit The followers of the jungle see Giselle after the exam


The last successful test is the best mesh test? I was shit, shouted, howled and broke the exams. From episode 1, it became clear: the first brother of the former German, Gisele Oppermann, became a real victim of the field of the jungle. But is it true? Little by little, the assumption is applied to this Gisele deliberately plays the role of the victim – and some Busch-Show fans have been confirmed by their latest, successful test.

Well, it works! In the "castle with fun" -I had the eighth day Gisele to fight with all the rest that brought tears to your eyes: tension, mucus and many escarabates. After training in the ex-player Thorsten Legat (50 years), he did not seem to have it, and the model picked up seven stars. The story of the newly woken fighting spirit, somewhat widespread, finds it refyle-User: "An ad on the legacy would have been enough now that everything will continue? It's crazy …" Others even see it, as shown by this Gisele His previous weakness only acted: "How can a man with an announcement suddenly receive all the phobias and her fears? Now, you can clearly see how she has just taken on a great show before."

Printing a certain mesh has already had some celebrity viewers. In the later format The next hour Ruth Moschner (42) announced after the episode Thursday: "She loves to assume this victim and, in fact, has such manipulative approaches, she always has such a devilish loudness". What do you think? Gisele the Sensibelchen-Nummer only acted? Is true!

All about "I am a star: get me right" here. " in special on RTL.de

Gisele Oppermann, modelTV ARA / Stefan MennePhoto gallery button
Gisele Oppermann, model
Gisele Oppermann to the jungle test "Alarm for Cobra 11"TV ARA / Stefan Menne

Gisele Oppermann to the jungle test "Alarm for Cobra 11"
Gisele Oppermann on the sixth day of the jungle fieldMG RTL D / Stefan Menne

Gisele Oppermann on the sixth day of the jungle field

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