Tuesday , May 18 2021

Applied materials disappoint investors with sales prospects

Bangalore / Santa Clara, CA (APA / Reuters) – Applied materials disappointed investors with their earnings and earnings forecasts for the current quarter. It is based on sales in the first quarter of between 3.56 and 3.86 billion dollars (3.15 to 3.41 billion euros) and a profit of 75 to 83 cents per share, said Thursday after the world's largest chip maker Close to the US stock market.

Analysts had an average income of 3.94 billion dollars and an expected profit of 92 cents per share. In trading after an hour, the share of the company fell by about eight percent.

The results of the applied materials are considered to be the type of barometer for the entire industry. It is supposed that now it should be all the worrying fact that a two-year "chip boom" could stop. In the fourth quarter, US Applied Materials recorded a slight increase in sales to $ 4.01 billion.

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