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Arrests and hundreds of reports at crown demonstrations in Austria

In most cases, participants in several small demonstrations did not meet the mask requirement and / or distance rules. An event closed in Vienna.

In numerous demonstrations and minor crown rallies in Austria, the executive presented hundreds of reports and arrested two activists in Upper Austria. In most cases, according to the Ministry of the Interior, participants did not meet the mask requirement and / or distance rules or did not want to be identified. Within a day, there were 817 reports for ignoring crown rules. But that also included a “crown party.”

The Styrian executive posted about 75 announcements in various demonstrations against Crown regulations last weekend. According to Interior Ministry spokesman Patrick Maierhofer, there were even 80 to 90 ads. There were also temporary arrests.

In Fehring, about 50 people protested against the government’s coronal measures. Although police opted for dialogue, participants did not want to wear mouth and nose protection, according to the Styrian State Police Directorate. Therefore, the identities of several participants were established and a total of 35 administrative reports were sent to the competent authority. By the way, officials had also recognized five people who had already taken part in a demonstration in Feldbach the previous week and who are said to have already committed administrative offenses there. Please wait for additional announcements.

Some 120 people protested against the Crown measures in Leibnitz. There were about 40 reports under Covid regulations, as well as two temporary arrests because the participants in the demonstration did not want to or could not identify themselves. About 50 people had gathered in Ramsau am Dachstein, but the demonstration remained peaceful and without events. In Graz, a small number of people protested against asylum and climate policy, cruelty to animals, but also against the “Crown dictatorship.” There were no commercials either.

The Styrian police stressed that fundamental rights and freedoms are protected: “In compliance with Covid regulations, it is mandatory to express your opinion. We will continue to monitor meetings more intensely. If our philosophy, dialogue and escalation, however, yes “It doesn’t work. We may also need to make arrests to safeguard administrative law,” said Lt. Col. Robert Pontesegger.

Upper Austria: demonstrations in various cities

Also in Upper Austria there were numerous reports and two arrests at the Crown demonstrations on Sunday: according to police, around 150 people took part in Braunau. 25 complaints were filed, mainly for not using oral and nasal protection. Two people were arrested: one man for aggressive conduct, another after he had already received four complaints for refusing to wear a mask and had not yet made any use of oral and nasal protection.

About 250 people attended the event in Vöcklabruck. There were 48 complaints for not wearing a mask and four for other crimes. In Wels, four out of a total of 100 protesters were reported, in Rohrbach nine out of every 150 people. In Steyr, at an unregistered meeting attended by 470 people, 20 reports were released.

“Walk” dissolved in Vienna

In Vienna, meanwhile, police on Sunday broke a “walk” of opponents of Crown measures in the center of the federal capital. About 40 reports were filed in accordance with Covid 19 regulations. According to police spokesman Marco Jammer, around 1 p.m., about 50 activists had gathered at Stephansplatz and were walking to the Human Rights Square by Heldenplatz and Maria-Theresien-Platz. There they took a picture. In addition to not wearing masks, protesters also did not adhere to the rules of distance. Police disrupted the meeting on Mariahilfer Strasse.

After a large crown demonstration in Vienna on January 16th. Viennese police had been harshly criticized for the operation because officials sometimes reacted too lazily to ignore Crown rules. Interior Minister Karl Nehammer had ordered the operation to be evaluated.

There were other reports under the Covid 19 Measures Act and regulations related to meetings of opponents of the measures in other federal states. According to Maierhofer, there were about 75 in Salzburg, 20 in a rally in Vorarlberg and about 25 during isolated protests in Carinthia.

817 advertisements of Covid in one day

According to Maierhofer, there have been a total of 817 Covid reports in the last 24 hours. This also included the so-called crown party in Klagenfurt, which dissolved the executive.

The FFP2 mask requirement has not yet been included in ad statistics. There will also be no control lights designed specifically for this purpose. Police should decide on the ground whether violations of the FFP2 mask requirement should be punished. Pregnant women, for example, are exempt and masks are sometimes not available or only have difficulty. Therefore, the respective official must decide the procedure in situ.

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