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Asteroid 28.06.2019: THIS GIGANT SPACE was devastated by the Earth


Several giant asteroids arrive on Earth this week.
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In a collision, asteroids can cause massive earth damage. Therefore, NASA is watching everyone who comes near our planet in danger, especially. A few more are going through the land this week. Two of them are particularly huge chunks. Fortunately, according to NASA, there is no danger to mankind.

Asteroids on June 24, 2019 and June 28, 2019: large rocks near the earth

On its website, the Center for the Study of objects close to the earth lists asteroids whose trajectories are very close to the blue planet. But do not worry: so close to Earth, NASA defines a distance of less than 3.84 million kilometers, that is, ten times the distance to the Moon. This is still far enough.

The 24.06.2019 roared asteroid 2010 NY65 passed Terra. It should have a diameter of 130 to 300 meters and should reach about 18:59 clock from its lowest point. This will be followed on 28.06.2019 for the asteroid "2008 KV2" at 00.01. With a diameter of 150 to 300 meters, it is also a true giant. However, humanity must not be afraid. None of the two pieces is a danger to the earth.

Catastrophic consequences of an asteroid impact on Earth

The consequences of an impact would be catastrophic. In 2013, the explosion of a 20-meter-wide meteorite above the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia, revealed the destruction of an asteroid. Nearly 7,000 buildings were damaged, injuring nearly 1,500 people. It is said that the explosion had the destructive power of 30 to 40 nuclear bombs in Hiroshima. It is believed that it was also an asteroid impact that caused the death of dinosaurs millions of years ago.

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