Sunday , March 7 2021

Attention, flu outbreak! These tips help you not get sick

To protect yourself from feared pathogens.

As similar as the symptoms are: flu and cold are not the same disease. Although normally a cold causes cough and nose, the flu usually grows with fever.

Flu is none other than a pleasant disease. It spreads quickly and sometimes it is persistent. To protect yourself, keep a long distance in the flu season, especially in places where many people are joining, for example, in public transportation and waiting for the grocery store desk. You also have to take care when you tighten your hands and embrace them.
If you wash your hands more often than it is made with soap, it also contributes to prevention: remember that flu viruses are frequently transmitted through door buckles, for example, in offices or toilets. Also disinfect towels to help you while you do it!

More anti-flu tips on video:

Flu is anything other than a harmless disease: this only appears for the dramatic figures of the last flu season in Germany. Now comes the next flu epidemic. How is it protected against the infection? And what to do if the infection is over?

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