Saturday , February 27 2021

Augsburg suggests changing the Hinteregger club in winter

Player of the ÖFB team Martin Hinteregger can you search for a new employer? "You are welcome to try other things, and if we receive a serious investigation, we will deal with this," said the CEO Stefan Reuter Tuesday. Under coach Manuel Baum In any case, the 26-year-old Carinthia has no future for the German Bundesliga club.

"He is not convinced in the way we do it, so it makes no sense for someone who does not have the conviction to resume", he stressed. tree,

You have violated the "principles"

Table 15, which already has ten games without a win, had the defender due to the coach's public criticism with a "drastic fine" and excluded from the training of the team. Reuter He left at least a theoretical return possibility, if the Austrian reconsidered. "They may think, if that is the case," said the manager. "While one does not follow the 100% path, he has no business in the team."

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