Tuesday , September 27 2022

Austria Lustenau after a wave of reign without leadership


The Austrian second division club Austria Lustenau It has been without a president since Friday night. Long-term president Hubert Nagel won at AGM Although the election with 119 to 103 votes, but declared that they do not want to accept the election.

"This is not a confirmation for me if only 50 percent of the members are under my direction to continue," he said nail, on whose resignation they were also the previous vice-presidents Reinhard Bösch i Christian Ortner In addition to numerous board members, they return to their offices. "The chapter Austria it's done for me with the news. At least a little thankfulness, I would have waited for the members and the followers. "

nail He was from 1997 president of the second division, since 1987 he has worked with the Vorarlbergers. While continuing with the club, it is still open: an in-depth analysis in the next days, a course for the later era nail determine Curiosity: just before the AGM had nail with coach Gernot Plassnegger extended

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