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Besanica in Austria: Micaela Schafer breaks on a prom night



Her name is Nude Model - what do you expect there? Micaela Shepherd.

She calls herself a Nude Model – what do you expect there? Micaela Shepherd.(Photo: imago / Hoffmann)

Friday, November 9, 2018

In fact, one is used for the liberal appearance of Micaele Schafer in the meantime. However, the fact that she sets a tape in front of Austrian high school students, however, goes further into the Alpine republic. The director announces the consequences.

Well, Mikaela Schafer likes to fly at an erotic fair, at Ballermann, on TV or in front of the Brandenburg Gate. But on the ball? This obviously leads to noise. The excitement of the incident in Austria is certainly great.

What happened? At the high technical college in Upper Austria, the size of the ball was held on Saturday. The volleyball ball was obviously a very special idea and invited to the evening Micael Schafer as a giant.

The 34-year-old also did what she knew and maybe even turned on: she not only turned to the turntables, she also liked it. For a long time, she was not only in small panties.

"I do not enjoy it"

However, this did not happen during the real ball, but in the neighboring exhibition hall, where it was celebrated later. It can be assumed that, however, "hundreds, if not thousands of visitors" will see Schafer's performance, "Spectral News" is speculating. After all, more than 5,000 students, students and parents were present at the highest voting ballot in Austria.

Director of the school, Bertram Geigl, blamed the incident. It was not the school that was responsible for the performance, but the ball board made up of students as organizers of the event. Only after that did he learn from Schafer's warmess look.

"I have no satisfaction with it," said Geigl "Oberosterreichische Nachrichten" and added: "As a higher technical school, we do not want to calm the image of women to sexuality: women are future technicians." Now wants to inform the Provincial Commission of the incident and order the Defense Committee to "such a thing can no longer happen".

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