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Black Friday: It's really worth it



IDEALO analysis These products should be purchased in black Friday

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Michael Gassmann

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Retailers expect a rise on Friday

Millions of revenue, German retailers expect Black Friday and Ciber Monday. Thus she hopes to increase her income for Christmas business.

In a few days a big discount battle begins. But whoever wants real purchases, must carefully look at it. The analysis reveals which products are particularly beneficial. The category of goods is distinguished.

GodHe's full of black Friday. Everywhere counting computer discount bouts throughout the year, everywhere consumers collect slogans with lots of bodies: "Get the best deals!" Or "Never miss a mega job!" – and similarly. The sales campaign has been established for several years as the ideal environment for hunters in the market.

Source: Infographic VORLD

For consumers, participation is obvious: why not even see which online sellers can offer on this consumer holiday that falls on 23rd of this year, or on versions of derivatives such as Amazon's Ciber Mondai or the Red Fridai Media Market? For most dealers, the date is in any case. Those who do not take part in the risk of leaving their goods.

But how much deeply prices fall is different. The analysis of the comparative portal Ideal, belonging to Akela Springer (VELT, "Bild"), shows where it really pays for the look. One category is distinguished by the results of price experts: television. Black Friday in 2017 achieved the highest savings of € 129 compared to the previous month – on average.

With the top-of-the-line LG device, the Oled65C7D type, customers could save even over 1000 euros, almost a third of the pre-existing price. The strongest price cut in percent was in the speakers.

Three of the 20 registered models were almost 50 percent cheaper than the October average. The lovers of smart musicians saved up to 85 euros. Even on consoles and games, the chance of buying on black Friday is high.

Great deals are great

But these are remarkable. Although they can be remembered, they, according to ideas, distort the image, which is in fact characterized by reduced price cuts. The average price reduction in one category of goods was no more than 16 percent.

Many traders – long criticized by consumer attorneys – contribute to distorted perception by not retracting their discounts on pre-existing bid prices, but using often unrealistic non-binding price recommendations.

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Consumers generally saw a trick. According to a representative survey of research firm Norstat on behalf of Ideal, 55 percent believe that black Friday offers are not "much cheaper than usual".

"That does not mean that the bidders are not possible," says the compilation portal. If you look at real price statistics, and then additionally flexible in terms of manufacturer, color or equipment of a particular product, it could surely be a good catch. In some categories that are less likely, such as smartphones.

No discount on current iPhone devices

Although they are among the most sought-after products, the average advantage in the price is limited to a modest two percent or ten euros. Who wanted to save more than the equivalent of a pizza, but it could be, for example, Samsung Galaki S8 to find.

"There were discounts of up to € 40 or seven percent here," said the comparative report. In the current models for the iPhone there were no favorable customers.

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The sample also shows other product groups: if the product is a sales vehicle, it will not be offered in black Friday. Already with small variants, but a significant discount can be drawn.

Example Vacuum Cleaner: The sophisticated Dison model V8 was not cheaper, but on average it even sold twelve or three percent more expensive than before – black Friday was for some customers on Friday.

The smaller brother of the warty star, Dison V6 Fleki, also proved to be the best offer. With a saving of 158 euros, it was 41 percent cheaper. Even with espresso machines worth the exact look. The type of extreme class Siemens EK6 has migrated for 170 euros less than previously in the transport package.

Source: Infographic VORLD

All in all, the prices were more or less discounted last year in 381 out of 500 black Friday merchandise tested. That many consumers are developing sporting ambitions in the annual shopping hunt, shows their budget. About 300 euros are reserved on average for this, according to the survey.

Good tactics optimization would be more open to similar products. According to the research, there is still a lot of space here. 67% of respondents say they know exactly what they want to buy before Black Friday. And only then they look, although the advantage of the left and the left could be lured.

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