Wednesday , August 4 2021

Blümel should explain who belongs to the turquoise “family”

By the way, it’s already Blümel’s second appearance on the U-Committee, with one big difference: the first time he answered questions from parliamentarians 86 times he didn’t remember. Today he can deny himself because he is now himself a suspect in the Ibiza / Casinos procedural complex. However, this only applies to issues that really affect your criminal proceedings.

In any case, Blümel wants to make an initial statement, it is said from his office.

After Blümel is Melanie L., Schmid’s assistant, was invited to provide information about the alleged post deception. According to the chats that have been made public, he asked Schmid if he could have air conditioning in his new ÖBAG office. And this, even though at that time there was still no official tender for the top ÖBAG.

It is still charged Albert Posch, Head of the Constitutional Service of the Federal Chancellery. It is questionable whether his survey will work in view of the dense program.

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