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Borse Ekpress – 3 "Varren Buffett Stocks" to buy in November


Did Varren Buffett collect several stocks during the fall in October? But surely. After all, it's about a man who once advised investors to be "careful when others are greedy and greedy when others hesitate."

Obviously, the biggest concern for investors is now over, but there are still strong stakes at reasonable prices. Here are three of them that Voren Buffett has in his portfolio and which look like good elections for November: the Apple (Code: 865985), Master (VKN: A0F602) i markel (VKN: 885036).

1. Apple

Varren Buffett is not worried about Apple's instructions. Although this suggests that revenue growth will slow down in the coming quarter, Buffett in an interview with CNBC in August said he could not find relevant guidelines because he believes "he saw that this leads to bad things. "

Buffett focuses more on what really matters to Apple – the lasting strength of the brand and the vast ecosystem of products and services. Even investors who do not necessarily have to throw billions should focus on these things.

Apple's chief executive Tim Cook said at a conference that he was "The Christmas season starts with the strongest range of products and services of all time. "Cook is not wrong. Although Vall Street is worried about Apple's quarterly quarterly ending in December, the company expects to generate at least $ 90 billion in revenue and possibly more than $ 21 billion in revenue.

In the long run, Apple should continue to provide solid vegetables for investors. Model upgrades on the iPhone, iPad and Mac manage to satisfy customers over and over again. New innovations in wear, household appliances and increased reality and virtual reality should also provide Japanese growth in the coming years.

Buffett deliberately made Apple Berkshire Hathavai (VKN: A0IJK2). This action is still a good choice.

2. Mastercard

Berkshire does not own nearly as many shares of Mastercard as Apple. But it seems that the giant of credit cards is an attractive choice for Buffett to add more shares to its portfolio.

Mastercard had a good K3, according to reports. Compared to the previous year, the company achieved strong revenue and wage growth. Mastercard did particularly well on markets outside the US, despite having had winds.

Executive Director Ajai Banga said at the K3 conference: "Our business profits, new partnerships and differentiated service offerings help to increase global momentum. "Perhaps the most important part of Bangin's statement is his emphasis on "differentiated services" from Mastercard.

Mastercard packs central payment infrastructure with security features, data analysis, loyalty management and other products and services. This differentiation helps the company to attract new customers and retain existing customers.

The world is turning to non-cash financial transactions. Mastercard is one of the leading players in this platinum revolution.

3rd stamp

Attention, Plot Twist: Berkshire Hathavai does not have any of Markel's stock. Zero, nothing. So why is Markel coming to that list of Buffett's best inventories that you can buy in November? Well, Markel really offers everything Buffett loves for stock.

In many ways, Markel himself is a mini-Berkshire. It is a holding company that primarily focuses on insurance and reinsurance, but also holds other companies and shares of other companies. It sounds like Berkshire.

Markel's Chief Executive Tom Gainer sounds like Voren Buffet. Gainer told Matt Koppenheffer a few years ago Motlei Foolhe likes to buy companies and company shares "stay relevant and have good business models that can develop your customer base over time and you can last long. "

Markel's business with special insurance and reinsurance has allowed the company to feel the head of disasters such as hurricanes and typhoons. But even with a huge loss in the last quarter that caused hurricane Florence and Tiphoon Jebi, Markel has released solid numbers.

Like Buffett, Markel has shares of Apple and Mastercard. But what does Markel hold the most shares in his portfolio? Good: Berkshire Hathavai.

The prophecy knows

Well, the market is unstable, and maybe you're hesitant. But you have to remember what Omaha nut said once: "Good options are rare. If gold falls, get a bucket, not a slug. "And the fall in October gave investors a good opportunity to buy strong stocks such as Apple, Mastercard and Markel.

A simple secret for buying the best stock

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Motlei Fool owns and recommends shares of Apple, Markel and Mastercard and recommends the shares of Berkshire Hathvavai. Keith Speights owns Apple shares.

This article was published on November 4, 2018 at It has been translated so that our German speakers can participate in the discussions.

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