Tuesday , January 18 2022

Committee – Bures demands clarification of open issues by Sobotka


The chairman of the BVT-U board, Doris Bures (SPO), together with political groups, sent a letter to the president of the National Council, Volfgang Sobotki (OVP), on the occasion of a right-wing extremist security man. It calls for an urgent clarification of about 30 questions, for example when and where the man actually used it. In the meantime, the private security company G4S has once again defended itself.

For a man with contacts in the neo-Nazi scene, it was said that for several weeks he had worked as a security in the BVT investigative committee, where all the investigations on the protection of the constitution in the right-wing theme of the militias were conducted. Bures and political groups now want to find out from Sobotka in their questionnaire available to the APA under which circumstances the right-wing radical background of a man became known and why the commission had to hear about it from the media.

The members of the commission are also interested in the concrete content of the G4S contract, how many people are transferred to the parliament through the firm and who compare the costs with their staff. Again, it is also about clarifying whether and when a security audit is required by BVT or just a less comprehensive test of reliability in accordance with trade regulations. Board members also want detailed information about whether security has been reported to the committee or assigned to it, or whether there are indications that it has deliberately "introduced" a right-wing extremist scene.

Commission members are also concerned about what data, information, but also the offices and offices in the parliament can potentially access security. They want to know if there is an access protocol when it entered the room. It also raises the question on which days and to which information in the subcommittee a person has a job and whether he had access to information from confidential or secret meetings.

In any case, from the next meeting of the BAT Defense Committee in a week, it will no longer be possible to deploy staff from external security houses. In addition, all rooms to which security has access should be checked for security of eavesdropping.

When the employee was employed in parliament, he was not in the sphere of influence of the G4S, and not in the sphere of influence of the employee himself, in the meantime, he was called a company transfer. Check "every applicant in accordance with all legal requirements". One is in contact with parliament and authorities to fully clarify the case, said G4S chief Michael Schnitzler.

He also denied that all of the company's employees were "labeled as incompetent criminals because black sheep could not be recognized as right-wing radicals despite repeated consideration by the security authorities," Schnitzler said. "This thought has not lost anything in our company and we have immediately solved the relationship with the employee." The man was therefore still on Friday – when the charges were known to the media – on Monday an employment relationship was resolved.

Schnitzler also called for policy measures, ie the introduction of training standards for the security industry and the creation of a teaching profession, as it already existed in Germany.

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