Tuesday , May 18 2021

Continuation of a tough fight for an agreement with Metaller KV

Vienna – A tough fight for a diploma at Metaller-KV has not yet reached a conclusion after 15 additional negotiating hours on Thursday and Friday. Negotiations were suspended and continued on Sunday morning for the seventh round. The strike strike in the union on Monday remains in place until after the agreement is reached.

The statements of both sides of the negotiations sounded more like Friday than last. For observers, this is a sign that the next agreement will soon come. But such is not yet dry. After all, both sides saw "rapprochement" – employers are essentially workers at least certain.

"We are far from aiming"

"We stopped today, broke it off. We will continue negotiating on Sunday," said chief negotiator Rainer Vimmer (PRO-GE) and Karl Durtscher (GPA-djp) on Friday morning Friday. "We are approaching, there was a movement. However, we are still far apart." This is about the financial situation, in which you are very much separated. "We continue to negotiate here, but we are still far from the goal."

Internal meetings until Sunday

"Now, when that's enough," said spokesman for negotiating employer Christian Knill, "after so many hours of recording, a pause is good once." There was "significant rapprochement" – both in terms of the framework law, and through the extension of the Percentage of Wage and Salary Increases. Until Sunday, internal meetings are held with employers' representatives, as Knill said in an APA interview. "It's about a complex overall package that needs to look at the competitiveness of companies. That's why such precise discussions are necessary for a complete solution."

The workers entered the sixth round of negotiations with five percent of the claims financially. In the morning, is this still upright, Vimmer said, "We are negotiating now." There were "good conversations" in the framework law. "We came a little further, but we have not finished yet," Vimmer said. According to Durtscher, progress has been made in a flexible one. Even with a power of up to a 12-day day, he is "in a constructive way, but it's still not over".

Attack on strike on Monday

Without an agreement on Sunday, all shifts should be canceled on Monday. If in fact there is a union threat that threatens the union, in which it will fight in the early morning shift, then it will still be limited to the largest metallic subsector of the metal industry industry (FMTI). According to APA, it is unlikely that the strike will continue on Tuesday, even if combat measures are likely to expand on Monday. This could later be applied selectively to the federal states. But it all depends on how quickly you return if the conversations collapsed on Sunday. From Monday to Wednesday during the week, there were more than 200 double to three hours of warning.

Strictly speaking, Metaller KV is a total of six pieces of KV. Showing the way is a metal industry that employs about 130,000 workers. Another 60,000 people work in other subsectors. So far, KV smaller areas are always oriented to the metal industry. This KV is not valid only for metallers, but basically as a trend adjustment. (APA)

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