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Dangerous vitamin D deficiency in autumn and winter


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  • A defect can serious health carry on to own
  • Simply 40 percent of adults in Germany have one optimal value of vitamin D.
  • With various tips and foods may be missing prevent

The risk of vitamin D deficiency is particularly high in the fall and winter. The vitamin, which the body can only produce itself when exposed to sunlight, often sinks below optimal values ​​in the winter.

Vitamin D deficiency can have serious consequences

“Still, very few of them suffer from a real vitamin D deficiency,” says nutritionist Yvonne Mller of AOK Kronach. A vitamin D deficiency can have serious consequences. Even one study concludes that it may increase the risk of death.

“Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium from food and therefore hardens bones and teeth,” adds Ulrike Umlauft, nutrition adviser to AOK’s management in Coburg. It also has a positive effect on muscle strength and strengthens the immune system.

A real vitamin D deficiency can have serious consequences: it can cause a softening of the bones, called rickets in infants and young children, and osteomalacia in adults. “These diseases can be treated well with vitamin D tablets,” says Yvonne Mller. In addition, vitamin D deficiency is considered a risk factor for osteoporosis in the elderly.

RKI study on vitamin D: only 40 percent of adults with an optimal value

According to a study by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), only a little less than 40 percent of adults in Germany achieve an optimal value of vitamin D. It makes sense for this value to be checked only by people at higher risk of deficiency. of vitamin D.

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These include the elderly, immobility or a chronic disease of the stomach, intestines, liver or kidneys or osteoporosis. A blood test by a doctor may confirm that your vitamin D level is too low.

In any case, the intake of vitamin D tablets should always be discussed with the family doctor. Because too much vitamin D can also be harmful. “Excessive amounts of vitamin D increase the level of calcium in the blood with the risk of kidney failure,” warns Yvonne Mller.

Prevent Vitamin D Deficiency: Walking and certain foods can help

Everyone can do some things to prevent vitamin D deficiency. An important point is nutrition. Some foods can help replenish vitamin D stores.

Quitting smoking and exercising regularly outdoors also helps. Those who naturally replenish their vitamin D stores in the summer can benefit during the winter months. Therefore, the general recommendation is at least From March to October, walk outdoors two or three times a week and expose your face, hands, and arms to the sun briefly and without sunscreen (use sunscreen in a timely manner).

“But even in the winter months, the body produces some vitamin D if you’re going to walk outside for 20 to 30 minutes with your face bare and without gloves.”says Ulrike Umlauft. Due to the action of the sun’s rays, the body covers up to 90 percent of its needs, but you can also help with food: some foods contain a significant amount of vitamin D. These include mushrooms (Porcini mushrooms, shiitake, mushrooms), beef, liver, margarine and egg (see also and www.verbü Fatty fish like cod or salmon are also particularly rich in vitamin D. With this recipe you can do something good for your vitamin D level.

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