Monday , March 1 2021

Data application: Adjugador paid by Facebook –

The group attracts users with $ 20 per month, according to the report posted Tuesday night. These should install the "Search for Facebook" application on your smartphone. The Terms of Use indicate that you will register applications, usage patterns and navigation activity installed.

The Facebook Research application can also listen to encrypted connections. This allows Facebook, for example, to read private chat messages and access registration data for services such as online banking and other social networks. However, the famine of the application data does not end with encrypted connections: users must also present a screenshot of their own Amazon vision.

Even teens entered "Project Atlas"

Facebook is targeting users between 13 and 35 years with the program known as "Project Atlas." Minors must obtain the consent of their parents for their use: the form they must sign says: "There are no known risks associated with the project, but you understand that this project will record your personal data, including the # 39; use the applications of your child ".

App deleted similar deleted app

The application strongly reminds Onavo: an application purchased by Facebook, which also records the behavior of the use. Apple banned the application after a few strong reviews last summer. For Facebook Research, Facebook completely ignores the Appstore app from Apple and is based on third-party vendors. This requires a developer certificate to be installed on devices that want to participate in the program, which may violate Apple rules that allow you to use this certificate only within the # 39; organization

Facebook himself told TechCrunch that "the key facts about this research program would be ignored." There had been no "secret", even the charge of espionage is strongly rejected. "All the people who signed up for the program asked for their explicit consent and paid their participation." Facebook does not see a problem with this application that also attracted teens: "Less than five percent of the participants were teenagers. Each one had the parents' consent," said a spokesman for the social network.

The Android app persists even after criticism

However, Facebook will suspend the search application, but only in the iPhone OS iOS. The Android app will continue to be used. TechCrunch suspects Facebook withdraws the application on Apple's express request. Apple leader Tim Cook has repeatedly pointed out that the company believes that privacy is very important, and demanded, among other things, a data protection regulation similar to that of the EU DSGVO in the United States.

Concerns about the merger of Messenger

Accusations against Facebook that have now been known add to the pressure on the social network. Last week, it was learned that Facebook apparently had deliberately ignored the high costs of children in games and other Facebook applications. The children could spend large amounts of money without the knowledge of their parents, the BBC reported. Only after several years and a lawsuit, Facebook changed its rules in 2016.

The combination of Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp messaging services, owned by the social network, also causes concern among the proponents of privacy. According to the New York Times, users can send messages between services.

But at the same time, this will broaden the connection between the original separate services. So far, for a registration with WhatsApp the indication of the phone number, with Instagram the indication of an email address – Facebook also requires the full name indication and blocks in case of doubt the account of user.

It raises the pressure on Zuckerberg

The pressure on CEO of Facebook, Zuckerberg, will probably continue to increase with the new allegations. Last week, he denied the accusations that Facebook would sell user data. "We do not sell people's data," wrote Zuckerberg in a publication, which among other things, the "Wall Street Journal" and "Le Monde" printed.

The network business model is based on Facebook evaluating which pages have clicked on the users and what information they shared with them, said Zuckerberg. Although it refuses the sale of user data, it also confirmed that the data is an integral part of the business model. The Facebook search application should also support this project. However, it is unclear whether and to what consequences there could be – at least the relationship with Apple has to face a resistance test.

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