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Dpa-AFX Overview: COMPANIES – The Most Important Messages of the Easter Weekend | 21/04/21

ROUNDUP: The US car market recovers: VW, BMW and companies increase sales strongly

HERNDON / DETROIT – The US car market is back in business after the fall of the Crown Crisis. The market leader, General Motors (GM), significantly increased its sales during the first quarter. German manufacturers BMW, Volkswagen (Volkswagen (VW) vz), Audi and Porsche grew even more. Sales figures released on Thursday (local time) shone compared to the same period last year, when the pandemic stopped business. SUVs and pick-up trucks were particularly popular.

TOTAL ROUNDUP / Commerzbank: 1700 job cuts: new supervisory boards

FRANKFURT – Commerzbank is advancing with the announced reductions of thousands of jobs. The “socially acceptable reduction” of 1,700 full-time jobs by the end of 2021 had been agreed with the general works committee through a volunteer program, the Frankfurt-based MDAX group announced on Thursday. Commerzbank has set itself the goal of reducing the number of full-time group positions from nearly 40,000 to 32,000 by the end of 2024.

Tesla again with delivery record

PALO ALTO – U.S. electric vehicle maker Tesla set a first-quarter delivery record. Customers had received a total of 184,800 vehicles, the company announced Friday in Palo Alto. This surpassed the old record of the last quarter of the previous year. There were also 180,338 vehicles, more than in this period.

Nestle CEO: We’ve seen the most significant divestments

VEVEY: Food giant Nestlé is on the offensive. “Now it’s about expanding and attacking,” company chief Mark Schneider said Thursday in an interview with “Finanz und Wirtschaft”. The largest planned divestments have now been completed.

ROUNDUP: BVB hit after Manchester – Watzke: “immensely disappointed”

DORTMUND: Frustration rather than anticipation, the lively atmosphere during the flight to England’s most prominent football was not very noticeable. Although Borussia Dortmund (BVB (Borussia Dortmund)) will play on Tuesday for the first time in four years the quarter-finals of the Champions League in Manchester City (21:00 / DAZN), people traveling to Dortmund airport she seemed more perplexed than inspired. The bitter 1: 2 (1: 1) draw on Holy Saturday against Eintracht Frankfurt further depressed the mood and raised fears that it could be the last trip to the elite European league for more than ‘one year.

SUMMARY: Google wins Android– Dispute with Oracle in the US Supreme Court

WASHINGTON – In a crucial decision for the software industry, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on a copyright dispute over the Android smartphone system in favor of Google (Alphabet C (formerly Google)). The result of years of dispute could make it easier for programmers to reuse existing software interfaces. So the software company Oracle, which demanded about $ 9 billion in compensation from Google, is left empty-handed.

ROUNDUP: Electronics maker LG is retiring from the smartphone business

SEOUL – South Korean electronics maker LG closes its smartphone division at a loss. LG Electronics announced that the board of directors approved the move on Monday. It is a strategic decision to withdraw from the area “with incredibly strong competition”. After years of losses in the division, the withdrawal of what was the third largest mobile phone maker in the world had long been on the horizon.

Change of head to the robot vehicle company Waymo

MOUNTAIN VIEW: Waymo motor vehicle company achieves double leadership. Longtime chief John Krafcik announced his retirement on Friday. Tekedra Mawakana, who was most recently in charge of operating business, and former chief developer Dmitri Dolgov are now at the helm. Waymo emerged from Google’s robot car project (Alphabet C (formerly Google)) and is now a sister company to the Internet giant under the umbrella of holding company Alphabet (Alphabet A (formerly Google)).

Johnson & Johnson tests the vaccine in adolescents

WASHINGTON – U.S. pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson (JohnsonJohnson) is testing its crown vaccine on young people. First, the vaccine is to be tested on a small number of 16- and 17-year-olds as part of a clinical study that has been conducted since September, the company announced Friday. After reviewing the initial data, the study will be gradually expanded to include a larger group of younger adolescents, starting at age 12. Johnson & Johnson is working to be able to test the vaccine on pregnant women and children in the near future.

IPO: Coinbase’s IPO will take place in mid-April

NEW YORK / SAN FRANCISCO: The date of the IPO of Coinbase has been set, which is eagerly awaited in the financial markets. The New York Nasdaq debut will take place on April 14, as Coinbase announced Thursday (local time) in San Francisco. According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the largest U.S. trading platform for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin wants to include 114.9 million shares under the “COIN” symbol on the Nasdaq.


Additional reports

-RETURN: The English cannot travel abroad until at least mid-May

-More than 100,000 euros fine for Twitter in Russia for calling a protest

-Run with Easter eggs instead of toilet paper: the British are in front of empty shelves

-The strong demand for state subsidies for electric cars continued

-After a year or so: the Germans are allowed to re-enter Russia

-Minister: 159 companies participate in the Nutri-Score logo

-Schuer: Extend the general testing requirement for flight tickets

– Future head of Merck against the advancement of women by quota

-Kassel Airport collects 481,000 euros from the sale of real estate

– Almost two-thirds of Germans to ban travel abroad

– Poland denies disruptive actions by its navy against Nord Stream 2

-ROUNDUP: data from hundreds of millions of Facebook users rediscovered online

-Business for the opening of games rooms: ‘transfer to the back room’

-Fitch also reviews Credit Suisse’s outlook to “negative”

-Twitter remains strangled in Russia

-Reports: England plans a traffic light system for international travel

-Coffee consumption increased in Corona in 2020

Authority: Maritime traffic on the Suez Canal is back to normal

– Survey: potential for cashless payments not yet exhausted

Hundreds of hires: United Airlines re-hires pilots

-Three new cases of blood clots after vaccination against Astrazeneca in France

-ROUNDUP: The federal government classifies the Netherlands as an area of ​​high incidence

-ROUNDUP: Scheuer warns EU Commission of overly stringent requirements for car industry

-Illegal holiday homes in Berlin: fines in the millions

-Additional cameras should support fire alarm technology at BER

– Franconian turbines for Orkney Islands – EU promotes tidal current

-Only slight delays on the Berlin-Hanover railway line

-The non-alcoholic sparkling wine animates the shops of Schloss Wachenheim

-Scheuer sees Bahn still in a difficult position °

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