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Due to the second baby: Sarah and Domi do not leave


Change of plan, the second! When it comes to the hometown, Sarah (28) and Dominic Harrison (27) are not known to be trapped. Only in 2018 they had turned their back to Germany and had emigrated with a bag and bag in Los Angeles. However, this change of scene lasted only half a year: too much nostalgia led to the couple and daughter Mia Rose Harrison (1) to return to her German nest. Recently, there was talk of the loss of travel and the return to the United States, but this project is no longer updated.

"Definitely, there are conversations in the room that we will return to Los Angeles and we also want to realize slowly," said Sarah Celebrity flash only in April In his new YouTubeThe video, however, sends migration to the edge – and the reason is the desire of spouses' children! "It's so intelligent to be the entire pregnancy at L.A. Other doctors, other controls, everything is different", explains the young man of 27 years. In addition to family planning, the influence agents will also have large projects that are likely to delay their migration plans for about two years.

However, to achieve something, Sarah and Domi have the following objective in mind: "We want to move and we will move and we already have something", announces the stars of the web. This "wallpaper upgrade" should be implemented quickly: the Harrisons want to pack up before the next wedding!

Sarah and Dominic HarrisonYouTube / watch? V = 06-pSfSLECcImage gallery button
Sarah and Dominic Harrison
Sarah and Mia Rose HarrisonInstagram / sarah.harrison.official

Sarah and Mia Rose Harrison
Sarah and her husband, Dominic HarrisonInstagram / sarah.harrison.official

Sarah and her husband, Dominic Harrison

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