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Emmys 2019: "Game of thrones" marks the record: with 32 (!) Nominations – Series News


Nominations for the 2019 Emmy are here. With great enthusiasm, "Game Of Thrones" was expected to be a great winner despite all the critics of the final season! The answer is: YES! The fantasy series even sets a new record.


The Emmy is the most important prize for television creators and, for some time now, for the producers of series of transmission services like Netflix. Now nominations for the television counterpart to the Oscars have been announced. At the top there is "Game Of Thrones". In spite of all the controversy surrounding the last season, the fantasy series is still high in favor of the Emmy Academy, which is reflected not only in a nomination for the best dramatic series but also in nominations for Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke as best actor in a dramatic series.

Also the massive criticism of the authors David Benioff and D.B. Weiss did not beat the nominations again. "The Iron Throne", the final episode of the series, was nominated for the best screenplay in a dramatic series. In the direction, there were three of the six nominations for the mega fantasy. In addition to Benioff and Weiss for the end of the series, Miguel Sapochnik for "The Long Night", the third episode of the eighth season, and David Nutter for "The Last Of The Starks", the fourth episode of the eighth season named . Your special disc is also built Peter Dinklage out He has been nominated for the eighth time (and, therefore, more often than no other actor) as the best supporting actor in a dramatic series.

Records of "Game Of Thrones" and HBO

In total there are 32 nominations for "Thrones game"and even a nomination for the documentary "The Last Watch" transmitted after the end of the series. This is a sensational record result: never before in the history of the television prize there was a single series of singles so often named in a year. The disc so far was "New York Cops – NYPD Blue" with 26 nominations in 1994. This again underlines that the Emmy Academy is celebrating the final series of the final. he

The HBO transmitter of "Game of Thrones" can also wait for another disc. There were 137 nominations in total for productions of the television channel of payment. This number never reached a single station. After "GoT", "Chernobyl" (with 19 nominations) and "Barry" (17) had the largest share.

Next, the nominations appear in the main categories. The general description of all Emmy 2019 candidates can be found here on the official website of the prize, The ceremony will take place this year on the night of September 22 to 23, German time.

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