Sunday , October 17 2021

Ermira and Leotrim Radosta brothers Dieter Bohlen burst the necklace

The Poptitan can not stand this seriously!

As is the case with the American Idol story, the candidates were praised before going to heaven, just to fall deeply. Unfortunately, this is the case of the Ermira brothers and Leotrim Radosta. When Dieter Bohlen expresses his criticism, especially Ermira is defensive. And that makes the principal lawyer really angry.

Dieter Bohlen: "Great mouth, nothing behind this"

"If you have a big mouth, you can download". This is Dieter's warning. Because from the first moment it is clear: candidates for DSDS Ermira and Leotrim like to talk. But talking alone does not make you the next superstar.

Although both come in a double package, then they still sing singly to sing. First is the turn of Ermira. But his version of "Titanium" does not make the jury happy. The opposite. "Great mouth, nothing behind that," so that the clear judgment of Dieter. But Ermira can neither want to accept it.

"Eight times" no "" for the duo of the brothers

Munter speaks of 23 years with the Poptitan. After all, his performance was not bad. Stupid only that Dieter makes the conversation very annoying. "I do not discuss here," says the head of the lawyer.

And Leotrim's performance does not make it better. Although Dieter gives a second chance to the 22-year-old, he can not convince the jury. Conclusion: "Eight times" no "" for the duo of the brothers. I Ermira? It really gets put up and it only discusses without a dot and a coma. The discussion shows the video.

The seventh complete episode of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" 2019 is available live and after the broadcast of television on the road to its recovery on TVNOW.

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