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Florian Silbereisen: famous friend: a life "on a very thin ice"

The legend of music Rolf Zuckowski has been a good friend of Florian Silbereisen for years. For him, his separation from Helene Fischer was no big surprise.

Upgrade as of February 1, 2019, 10: 35 hours: Musician Rolf Zuckowski (71) has a legendary status in Germany, the song of his children "In der Weihnachtsbäckerei" knows almost everybody. But almost nobody knows: Rolf Zuckowski combines years of friendship with pop singer Florian Silbereisen (37). Therefore, the singer has the separation of Silbereisen and her girlfriend Helene Fischer (34), with the Silbereisen leading a picture relationship for ten years, from a perspective very different from that of her followers.

In an interview with, the legend of music now expressed the public separation of Schlager's dream partner. "I found that this pair is exceptional," says Rolf Zuckowski in the interview. Above all, he was asked: "How do you keep it? To be able to live in the light of the flash and not be able to take a step without being observed. I have always thought, how can you defend it?"

For Rolf Zuckowski, the break was obviously not as amazing as for some followers: "Unfortunately, this will not work in the long run is in the air. It lives on very thin ice when living in public. Especially when both work so well in their workplace. "

Therefore, the musician can imagine a reason for separation: "I do not know how much private time they have had together. I can imagine it was little, maybe too little." So the love career of Schlager's dream couple is interrupted?

Florian Silbereisen is actually a "dream of the ship" captain – message confirmed by ZDF

8:56: The ZDF has now confirmed the sensation: Florian Silbereisen will be in charge of controlling the "dream of ships" of Christmas 2019 as captain Max Prager. His first trips took him to the Caribbean and Colombia. The shooting of the two episodes will begin in February 2019.

Video: what does Florian Silbereisen stand out as a new tattoo?

He is one of the most interesting and popular artists of the younger generation and continues the tradition of Wolfgang Rademann to bring fiction and entertainment to the ship, "says Heike Hempel, Director of the main television movie of ZDF / Series II and deputy director of the ZDF program.

Report: Florian Silbereisen will be the new captain of "Dream Ship"

Update of January 24, 2019 at 9:55 p.m .: Now it seems to be official: how to do it image As reported on Friday's edition, Florian Silbereisen becomes the new captain of "Dream of the Ship." Thus, he inherits Sascha Hehn (64 years), who was four years as captain Viktor Burger at the helm. The role is for him a matter of the heart, so that money travels ahead imageThe "dream boat" deserves a captain who also lives this role. "A captain who wants to maneuver the ship through all storms. That's why I will give everything, all my passion," the singer is more cited. According to the report, Silbereisen must be "in the lead" as of Christmas.

Apparently, ZDF and Silbereisen have been talking for half a year now. Due to the full calendar of the moderator of ARD, but it took so long, he could vote his appointments with the shooting times of "dream of the ship." Because in reality Sascha Hehn wanted another successor for his role as captain of dream boats.

However, the emotional part of history happened a few years ago. Florian Silbereisen and her ex-girlfriend Helene Fischer (34) spent the New Year's Eve 2015/16 at the former producer of "Traumschiff", Wolfgang Rademann. According to the report, he said: "You have to get the dream ship, boy of mine!" Only four weeks later, on January 31, 2016, Rademann died. Now Florian Silbereisen will probably fulfill his desire with the producer three years later.

Spectacular rumor about Florian Silbereisen is causing a bend

Update as of January 24, 2019: The "Dream Boat" has been sailing through the seas since 1981. Soon with Florian Silbereisen (37) as captain? Actor Sascha Hehn (63) portrays the commander of the ship "Victor Burger" from 2014, but is no longer in the next season. You have already filmed in Dubai – without a captain.

"Das neue Blatt" now wants to know that Florian Silbereisen is the favorite of ZDF as captain of "dream of dream." Women's Magazine refers to users who are not named by name. Schlageringer and presenter Silbereisen already know the vehicle "Amadea": in 2017 an officer was playing at the "Tanzania" anniversary episode (it was the 35th episode of series 35). In the "photo", Silberereisen had been angry at the shooting of the season.

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Vídeo: La cruciosa transformación de Florian Silbereisen

If the interesting information on "The new leaf" should be correct, this raises a few questions: how Florian Silbereisen continues to moderate as well as the shooting of "dream ships" and is it a tour? What effect does the "Captain of Dream" play suddenly over 25 years younger? And the "travel guide Franziska Stein" will never return, never again? The character arrived in 2013 in the series. An appearance of guests from Helene Fischer (34)!

Update from January 19, 2019: It was an early highlight in the still young year of 2019, when last Saturday the Who-is-Who of the German Schlager put the capture on hand in the show "Schlagerchampions – Das Große Fest der Besten ". It was a program that was planned from the beginning to the end until the last detail. From the stormy start, when the presenter Florian Silbereisen went to the motocross motocross stage, in the final, which probably had a great audience in mind: the first meeting of Schlager-Queen Helene Fischer and her ex-boyfriend Florian Silbereisen.

Therefore, the questions that the spectators did, who were invited to show each act after their appearance by the ex-Rossell Anthony BroSis singer, gave the impression that the ARD did not want to go by chance. This suggests at least one question Helene Fischer asked after her performance. Co-host Anthony asked the queen of her musical favorite. After the events of the last few weeks, it is difficult to believe that this was the question that most fans were waiting for in Helene.

Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen at ARD: the emotional gathering raises questions

In this context, it is therefore understandable that the matter is in the room, whether it be the great emotions that arose in the German ex-hit-dream partner, they were also reinforced by a scene intelligent station. Because surely this was the main reason why many fans on Saturday night against television and Hall einfanden.

After his singing performance, Florian Silbereisen embraced his companion for a long time as a welcome and brought crazy fans into scene. However, the two show's professionals clearly showed their emotions during their first live presentation, as well as the fact that both stars at the end of the show were mostly absent (it was reported January 15) suspects that the audience witnessed an honest meeting between two people who had spent years together. Only the inclusion of this moment in a well-planned Saturday night spectacle leaves many fans probably mixed feelings.

Helene Fischer submerged after the show – Also Silberereisen remains short of queue

Update as of January 15, 2019: It's a tradition, after Schlagerchampions by Florian Silbereisen-Show it says: Party! On Saturday, some 10,000 guests arrived at the broadcasting party at the Velodrom in Berlin. Andrea Berg, Fantasay, Sortiria and Björn von Santiano were very well-received during the first hours of the morning. Only one star had no traces: Helene Fischer.

In recent years, the pop singer always came to the party according to the image reports and danced along with the other stars, what's right. Saturday did not come to the great disappointment of many guests. Even his ex Silencier Florian held a brief speech at one point and soon disappeared from the party.

Video: Helene Fischer is retired

The list of Silbereisen allows speculation about what happened after the ARD show with Helene Fischer

Update as of January 14, 2019: Only one day after the ARD emotional meeting, "Schlagerchampions – The Great Feast of the Best", Florian Silbereisen has already come back to the stage. He appeared at the awards ceremony of the famous "Smago" magazine in Berlin in front of about 2,000 spectators, who reported Online focusHe was awarded the duet prize for the most successful hit of the year together with Thomas Anders.

After the separation, Silberereisen is professional: try to avoid the subject

He did not say a word about his ex, Helene Fischer, and professionally reduced his performance. Also the moderator Sascha Heyna preferred to speak with Anders about his scenic accident at the end of October. "We have designed additional rugs for you today," the presenter jokes. While Anders was being interviewed, Silbereisen wanted to leave the stage, but Heyna prevented his "escape."

"Leave Florian, we still need you!" Said Heyna. It seemed right, he told Florian Silbereisen. "Yes, I was in bed yesterday morning," it was the concise response of the pop star. Obviously, there was no (long) party after his presentation with his ex-girlfriend Helene Fischer. Was the emotional gathering before millions of people too much to celebrate in a relaxed and friendly way?

Finally, Silbereisen mentioned the ARD issue of the previous day: "Obviously we do not do very well, because many viewers look at us and that makes me very happy. First of all, it would be nothing without our viewers ".

Florian Silberereisen: His first interview after the end of love – this is how it really feels

Update on January 12, 2019: Now Florian Silbereisen with him Bild-Zeitung a first interview after the separation of Helene Fischer. He talked about his feelings and his relationship with his ex-companion Helene Fischer. On Saturday afternoon, both can be seen together at the ARD show "Schlagerchampions – Das große Fest der Besten" (here at the live ticker). Apparently, it will not be a painful meeting for the television presenter.

"Helene and I met each other over the years and talked over the phone almost every day. Even if many do not want to believe this, we are and we continue to be the best friends," Silbereisen explains in the photographic interview. Both continue to connect a lot. But he also admits that he and the pop singer made the love. "But we have lived these sad moments a while ago."

Now you want to look ahead. But there is still no new woman in her life. "I'm not with Tinder or with other dating portals. So I'm not looking, but I'm optimistic that I will not be left behind at the end."

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Florian Silbereisen: Friend with great concern about the separation of Helene Fischer

Berlin – Florian Silbereisen (37) and Helene Fischer (34) were a couple for ten years. Shortly before Christmas, the two most famous stars have already announced their separation.

Through the channels of the social networks, both Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer published their statements, which speak high and low, support and respect. Unlike Helene Fischer, who already has a new husband next to him, the separation must leave Florian Silbereisen solitary. His words on Facebook also suggest this: "You can not even imagine a life without Helene," writes the 37-year-old.

Her love for Helene Fischer was so great that Silbereisen even had her boyfriend's face tattooed on the upper arm. What will happen after the end of the relationship is questionable.

Friends and fans are worried about Florian Silbereisen

Helene Fischer with her new partner Thomas Seitel at the stage.

© dpa / Rolf Vennenbern d

A clay fight wants to avoid the television presenter anyway. He loves "good luck" lovers and even calls Thomas Seitel, the new partner of Helene Fischer, a "great guy." Florian Silbereisen shows the true grandeur, but the separation is, of course, close, he wants to meet the musician G. G. Anderson according to an interview. "The fact that the singer already has a new one is certainly a real drama for him," explains the friend of Silbereisen aloud InTouch in front of him Freizeitwoche,

Video: The transformation of Florian Silbereisen

And also the fanatics of the born Passengers are worried about their idol. Some people already want to have noticed during their recent television appearance that something is wrong. "Dear Florian, unfortunately he has confirmed what he had feared. If you have seen the latest shows and your reactions, if you have to mention them, they might have guessed something like that. But I'm sorry!", So, a comment on Facebook.

There are many consolable words addressed to the new single: "Headline, life goes on", try to build your followers and wish New Year's "will soon find a new love."

Fans doubt that Florian Silbereisen will be a friend of Helene Fischer

However, some do not believe that true friendship may be possible under these circumstances. "I'm sorry, but that will not work. If it breaks because another partner is in the game," lasting friendship "is just a joke that will never work," according to a Facebook user. Another writes: "Your wife leaves you sitting for another and you will want luck. Do not believe it."

There are not a few fans who are angry with the singer. So congratulations from a new year at the Schlagerqueen recently caused problems for your Instagram community.

First meeting of Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer live on television

The sooner we await the first public meeting of the ex-partner. Already on January 12, Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen will meet again at the ZDF-Show "Schlagerchampions – Das Große Fest der Besten".

Thomas Seitel: First communication on the relationship with Helene Fischer – "You can not imagine …"

Video: Helene Fischer & Florian Silbereisen – Your best moments

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