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Ford shares more firmly: Ford must remember three million vehicles in the US because of Takata airbags | 21/01/21

The second largest American carmaker, Ford, cannot avoid repairing numerous vehicles due to possible defective airbags from supplier Takata.

U.S. traffic regulator NHTSA on Tuesday (local time) rejected a request from the company to skip the withdrawal of approximately three million cars. Ford Motor now has 30 days to file a plan on how to inform affected vehicle owners in the U.S. and resolve issues. A statement from Ford was initially not available. One thing is certain: remembering this magnitude will probably cause high costs.

According to NHTSA, Ford Ranger, Fusion and Edge models with years of construction from 2006 to 2012, as well as certain types of vehicles from the Lincoln and Mercury group brands, are affected. The traffic inspectorate also ordered the withdrawal of some 5,800 cars from Japanese manufacturer Mazda, which had also filed a petition with authorities. In November, the largest American automaker General Motors (GM) failed with this application and was ordered to repair about 5.9 million vehicles. At the time, the group assumed costs of about $ 1.2 billion.

Defective Takata airbags have been causing problems in the auto industry for years and have led to the largest car recovery in the United States to date. There are several car manufacturers affected, including German manufacturers such as Audi and BMW. Excessive deployment of air cushions throwing pieces of metal cladding through the vehicle has been linked to numerous injuries and 29 deaths. Takata has pleaded guilty to manufacturing errors in the United States and has accepted a $ 1 billion fine. The airbag debacle led the company to bankruptcy in 2017.

Ford’s shares on the NYSE are currently up 4.74 percent, to $ 10.50.

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