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Frankfurt / Main (APA / dpa-AFX) – The DAX closed slightly weaker on Monday. The minimum was 0.29 percent at the level of 10,855.91 points. Twice, the index had fallen briefly below the 10.800 level mark before briefly stopping the afternoon losses.

In general, the foreign trade data of China surprisingly weak and the uncertainty surrounding the vote on the Brexit agreement in the British Parliament, to be held on Tuesday, weighed a lot in China. In the past week, DAX had published a bonus of just over one percent. The MDAX average business index lost 0.43 percent on Monday to 22.572.40 points.

"The return of the war between bulls and bears continues on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange," analyst Jochen Stanzl of CMC Markets said. Also due to the uncertainty about the future of Great Britain. At the same time, the trade dispute with the US in China's economy is leaving increasingly deeper traces, Stanzl ordered the latest data from China. But China should not be afraid of a hard landing of its economy. The beginning of the US revenue season is now so crucial to continue to develop the stock market, since it has not been for a long time and it should be a test of the amount of corporate profits without reform Tax can still be increased, said Stanzl.

Among the individual shares of DAX, Continental shares, based on preliminary figures for the last year, rose to the top of the index with a surplus of 3.04 percent. A mixed annual perspective of the automaker and tire manufacturer initially raised some questions among investors. However, according to Düsseldorfer Bankhaus Lampe, this was what I was expecting. Although the forecasts for 2019 at first glance disappoint, believe Conti to have a margin to overcome them, Christian Ludwig wrote. In 2018, Conti's papers lost more than 46 percent. In the youngest year of 2019, so far, there has been an increase in prices of just under 8 percent.

Lufthansa shares were earned in accordance with statements about kerosene costs that they had previously estimated for the new year, 1.24 percent. Lufthansa should defend the level of profits from the previous year in 2019, expects Analyst Neil Glynn of Credit Suisse.

The papers of Beiersdorf lost as one of the weakest values ​​of DAX 2.39 percent. The Swiss bank UBS anticipates the 2019 pressure on growth and profit. After a strong year in 2018, expectations for the consumer goods company are now too high, analyst Pinar Ergun wrote and now advises to sell the stock.

Deutsche Bank shares initially reacted negatively to the quarterly figures of the American bank Citigroup. Citigroup grew significantly, which had a positive effect on the price of Deutsche Bank shares. At the end of the trade, the torn paper represented little less than 0.08 percent.

The fact that the offices of offices of Alstria, real estate specialist, continue to benefit from the rise in real estate prices, was rewarded by the investors of the MDAX with a 2.41 percent gain. In the SDAX, the actions of Dialog Semiconductor also gained 1.92 percent according to the sales figures of the fourth quarter. According to preliminary calculations, the chip developer reached the bottom of the sales forecast in the final quarter of 2018.

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