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Germany – Russia: 2019 World Cup of live soccer sports


After two victories at the start of the tournament, the DHB team met in Russia on Monday afternoon. Here is the ticker to read.

  • The World Cup of Handball 2019 has begun in Germany and Denmark. Here in the table you will find the dates and results of all the matches of the tournament.
  • After two victories to start DHB Eleven, he met on Monday afternoon (18 hours) to the Russian team.
  • Tobias Reichmann caused a stir with the response of Instagram on his retirement. On Sunday he spoke again.

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Handball World Cup 2019: reactions to the German draw

Clock 19.49: "Deception prevails. We did not close the bag at 20:17," Prokop told ARD. "Today they allow us to get upset. The best thing about this tournament is that we can do better with the great crowds within 24 hours."

19:35: "It was an extremely close match, the Russians did a great job, I'm doing this stupid setback before the end of the neck, that's a missed point," said Paul Drux, the back player, in the microphone ARD: "We have to go down now, tomorrow we will play again".

Germany – Russia: the Ticker to read

+++ final whistle to Berlin: In the last seconds of the game Germany gives a comfortable advantage at times. This 22:22 tie could have been avoided with a more concentrated final phase. Therefore, Prokop Elf has not yet reached the main round. +++

Minute 59: Böhm advances and gets by 22:21. There are only 45 seconds left. Is it enough for victory? Now, the Russian coach takes another break. The last chance to take a break Prokop relies on a 6-0 defense and wants to avoid a "stupid seven meters."

The penultimate conclusion of the game: Russia has matched the fulminant! Germany offers the opportunity to attack again for free. Steffen Fäth must prove it directly and fail on the Wall of Russia. Below is a verbal battle in the field.

58 minutes: After a Drux disaster pass now, even the compensation goes on. This final phase can not be more exciting. Who keeps my hand in my head here?

57 minutes: Gensheimer can run again. The captain also accidentally transforms this sentence of seven meters. Now the DHB team is again two goals ahead. But only a few seconds: the opponent gets back. 21:20.

Germany – Russia 20:19

56 minutes: Germany fails in the place, in return, Russia only gets a free kick. Incredible, this Dibirov! With a dream goal, the overall bark is reduced at 19:20.

55 minutes: Penal Penalty for Wienczek: DHB children now exceed the number of people for two minutes. Dibirov transforms the ten required meters.

54 minutes: After a strong move, the finalist of the red shirt shows all his abilities: a strong parade!

52nd minute: Since the Russian aggressor adjusted the visor rather blurred: his attempt is at the top level. Dibirov fails in German housing with orphans.

51 minutes: The time is running with the spirit of the hosts. Drux reaches a meter of seven meters. Gensheimer advances to the execution and hits with a shameless elevator.

Germany – Russia 19:17

49 minutes: Dibirov shows all his class, Wolff is burdened and reduced to 17:19. Böhm seduces a hasty conclusion.

48 minutes: Strong defense of the DHB-Elf. The Russians of Entnervte are close to the game of time, however, are in the aftermath. Weinhold does not care; He is eight meters tall.

Minute 47: Overpowered: Böhm goes up without volumes at 6:15 p.m.

Minute 46: Free kick for Germany, after Drux is very rude. After another offense, he sets the following penalty for Komodorov.

Minute 44: Free kick for Germany after the failure of Kohlbacher. Gensheimer puts the ball in the net with a fantastic twist, in the style of a captain. But it's also worth seeing Russia. 17:15.

Germany – Russia 16:14

Minute 43: The DHB doorman directs his men. This game is not yet decided. Strobel makes the following missed shot. Behind the Prokop men there is a league with aluminum.

42 minutes: Does the voltage appear again? Wolff wins applause from the double-displacement scene. Weinhold missed the counter attack.

41 minutes: Wolff was still low, Russia can still shorten until 16:14. Prokop demands the full concentration of his team in the next opportunity.

Minute 39: Andreas Wolff solved the error of his frontman – and how! In his parade, he stretches his foot over his head. Now, the DHB-Elef causes one or the other to be displayed without a fire.

Minute 38: Twenty minutes left to play. The German team is heading to the third preliminary round. Now the Russians have to act in the minority.

Minute 37: Groetzki fails in the final, Russia can rebuild. Gensheimer refined shortly after a counterattack after a strong Drux balloon conquest at 16:12.

Germany – Russia 15:12

35 minutes: Dibirov is still difficult to defend. With his success he shows that he probably still can not copy his team.

33 minutes: The spectacular action of Kohlbacher: Applause brings applause to him, his team 14:11. Weinhold lets follow the next cream ball. Will Russia equal this four-point deficit?

31 minutes: The Russians are willing not to let the backlog grow. Drux fails in his extraordinary solitaire, Kalarash shortened.

30 minutes: Continue in the federal capital: how does the DHB team work from the cabin? Prokop men now left to the right. Strobel prevails in an inimitable way and rises at 13:10.

+++ The rest in Berlin: against the Russians, unpleasant to register, leads the DHB-Elf after the first round at 12:10. The viewers were offered a tie, not always perfect match. This game should not lose tension until the final minutes. +++

Germany – Russia 12:10 (intermittent time)

29 minutes: Yellow card for coach DHB; Christian Prokop probably has shown something too emotional.

Minute 28: Pekeler loses the next blow; This time it's pointing to the wrong corner.

27 minutes: This is the first advantage of two goals. With sensational staging, Pekeler climbs at 12:10.

Minute 26: Gensheimer fails with his clash in the opposing goalkeeper. Then there are nine seven meters for the Russian team. Dibirov leaves sovereignty!

Germany – Russia 11:10

25 minutes: Groetzki recognizes the room, dancing in the middle of the right and bringing his men back. Weinhold stops rudimentarily shortly after and the next penalty is revealed.

Minute 24: Wolff stopped the right-half attempt without a doubt. This gives value for the remaining time surpassed in the name. A failed change, the red shirts are still used at 10:10.

23 minutes: A lot of movement in the entrance room: Russia can not happen. Now there is also a penalty for Germany; Paul Drux has to go down.

22 minutes: Coach Prokop takes a break and has some instructions on his team. The clear focus should be on the disks of the strong Dibirov.

21 minutes: Forty Andy Wolff Parade: This slowly remembers his previous appearances to the World Cup.

Germany – Russia 10: 9

19 minutes: The same opportunity for Russia: Dibirov resumed seven meters; The agile man gets cooled from ice. Drux, however, has the correct answer prepared and restores the old distance.

Minute 18: Pity of time against Shiskarev, two minutes longer for Germany. Drux goes up and hits a mega torch (100 km / h) at 9: 8.

Minute 17: Gensheimer is in a circle; There are seven meters for Russia. Dibirov does not show any nudity. 8: 8 of

16 minutes: Strobel is cautioned. Paul Drux is preparing to act on the bench. Russia reaches the post, Gensheimer refines a counterattack at 8: 7.

15 minutes: So far, this is a balanced and highly competitive game that viewers see here in Berlin. Gensheimer lacks impetus in his attempt to rotate.

14 minutes: The Russian team makes the first break. Coach Prokop talks to his men and recognized an opponent's vulnerability. Urge your team to "more structured to start".

13 minutes: Groetzki closes too soon and gets trapped. Fortunately for him, he has a free kick. Wieczek needs an attacker, the viewers are not in agreement.

Germany – Russia 7: 7

12 minutes: Dibirov returns to face Russia; Shortly after, however, his team conceded the first penalty of the game. Fäth uses the spaces resulting from a powerful equalizer.

11 minutes: Rapid counterattack against Shiskaev; Russia is equal. Groetzki pardons in return. It should be a game of patience today.

10 minutes: That was too easy. Russia prevails in the central office and is reduced to 5: 6.

Minute 9: There is no time to take a breather. After two interesting plays, it's now 6: 4 for the host.

Minute 8: Gensheimer not only to the point! The captain rises to 5: 3.

Minute 7: Second Wolff parade of the lot; that was great!

Sixth minute: Well delivered by the DHB team, the counterattack can only be unjustifiably slowed down. Continue with a free kick. Weinhold uses the space and sees it painfully, now runs his team for the first time.

Germany – Russia 3: 3

Minute 4: Room on the right constantly exploited. Shiskaev increases the frozen ice at 3: 2; According to later, Groetzki has the correct answer prepared and matched.

Third minute: Hard boarding: yellow card for Russia. A little intransigent step is evident in the initial phase. Again, Gensheimer advances to seven meters and is transformed safely. 2: second

2nd minute: After the first Wolff parade, the DHB's opponent starts. It's for Russia 2: 1.

1st minute: With the first attack of the game, the Russians achieve leadership. In return, the DHB team awarded a seven meters. Gensheimer certainly becomes 1: 1.

Let's go to Berlin: Germany and Russia cross the leaves NOW!

17:51: With great applause from the public, the gladiators of the DHB move towards the sand. Germany begins with Strobel and Fäth. The Russian team is very determined.

17:43: The German team retires now after an intense phase of warming in the cabin. There, coach Prokop should once again swear his men in an intense confrontation. With Russia, the first real indicator is waiting today.

17:39: Risk of black ice in Berlin: despite the persistent climate of the capital, the Mercedes-Benz Arena is now full of twenty minutes to go.

17:06: German handball players can move to the main event of the World Cup in the afternoon on Monday, thanks to Brazilian soccer players. Due to the success of 24:22 (14:11) of the South Americans against Serbia, coach Christian Prokop's team in a win against Russia would no longer move one of the top three positions of the Group A would have achieved its first goal.

World Cup Handball 2019: Prokop's guys get the third joke?

Berlin: a start for the DHB-Elf! In the first two matches of the Handball World Cup in their own country, the Christian Prokop national team's team did not have anything and was not impressed by Störfeuern next to the site. Uwe Gensheimer and his colleagues won an opening match against Korea at 30:19. Even Tired Brazilians presented the DHB team Saturday before any significant problem (34:21).

On Monday (at 6:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin), the Russian team waits for artists of the DHB ball. The next preliminary opponents of the DHB-Elf pulled out a tie of poisonous Serbs (30:30), to prevail in their second appearance in the World Cup after 34:27 against Korea. The men of the national Prokop coach should do everything possible to continue their successful series against Russia. Finally, France filed on Tuesday afternoon the fall of the first round.


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