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Cult and Trash: "I'm a star: get here" on Saturday night, a new queen of the jungle has chosen: Evelyn Burdecki follows Jenny Frankhauser.

of Daniel Hadler | 00:33, January 27, 2019

Evelyn Burdecki won. Here are 100,000 euros. © TVNOW

The 13th jungle camp is from Saturday night to the history of RTL and has done so Evelyn Burdecki a new queen. You can expect more than 100,000 euros, this year for the first time for the victory in "I'm a star, I'm getting here". In the final transmission he sat against him Felix van Deventer i Peter Orloff for.

RTL should be very satisfied with the 13th season. The ranges are good, the market shares are impressive, the value of entertainment is significantly higher than in previous years and the absence of scandals. Here is the balance.

So Jungle Camp 2019 said goodbye:

The examinations of the last show were based on the basic principles of the daily motivation theater of Bastian Yotta. The more stars the candidates had achieved, the farewell's meal would be:


Five cameras with five stars and many jungle inhabitants waited for Peter. In ten minutes, it was necessary to release a star from each room. For this he needed a magnet, he had to fish out of a hole. With this magnet, he could maneuver the star outside the room. He did it well and courageously, so the pop singer can enjoy five stars. But Peter also knows how to deal with big animals like a giant monitor: "I do not interrupt, please."

Photo © TVNOW


With the language he had to Felix van Deventer unscrew a total of five stars, which are in five glass boxes. Cockroaches, mud crabs, spiders, flies and snakes were in the pits. Felix had no trouble, he had four stars.


"Full of energy"

Evelyn had to eat, and not good: on the lure of hard pig he did not (too) chew slowly, he got worse with the lamb's brain. Halfway, the food came back, Evelyn vomited. There was a special praise of Sonja: "You are really brave." Mrs. Zietlow, on the other hand, is not known to be so human. And more: Evelyn embraces Sonja and Daniel (Hartich) after having managed to eat a live scorpion. Sonja: "Go with the mouse and gossip."

Needless to say, it works well with Evelyn: "Food goes through the language in the lungs," he explains.

Photo © TVNOW

"Compliance of these fruits"

Harmony also reached the other Kanddaten: "I'm going to miss the jungle, man" (Felix) and for Peter, 74, it belonged to the superb skin of the IBES in the best days of his life. Slowly, RTL has to worry: the disgust camp is fun? "I never thought that the field of the jungle would be an experience," Peter added, "I am grateful that it would allow me to experience, experience". Too harmony, deviate now. "This is already a pursuit of the quality of life" (Peter). Circuit Off Now

But before there was a meal that, according to Felix, was orgasmic. Finally, again, star cook, instead of "eating model". There were "praises for these fruits" of Evelyn [sic]After all, "My stomach is alive again."

In addition to this, the final show also offered what was already characterized for the rest of the season: beautiful dialogues that can not be imagined with the best wishes:

Peter: "Today I am Crocodile Dundee."

Evelyn: "Who is the crocodile Gandhi? Is it a fairy tale?"


Evelyn: "I'm coming out like a real bushwoman" and "I've never been to an end of a lifetime."


Bastian: "In the end they are not the right people, but very hot people."

And the tracking is: "Chris is the wrong Fuchz".


Chris: "Here in the jungle, there is no competition for me. Evelyn third, Felix second, winner of me." (Shortly after leaving the show)

And, finally, it was over

Peter was sent home first, much after midnight. He was followed by Felix and left behind Evelyn, who could not believe it.

The closing word belongs to Bastian Yotta: "If I'm out of here, I will not think much about you". The same can be said about the participants of the IBES. Out of sight, out of the mind. Meeting in January 2020.

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