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Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel: Insider feeds rumors of offspring: speculation with fans


Helene Fischer goes through the cloud with his acrobat Thomas Seitel.

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It would be an absolute feeling, it could now be a reality. Is there any news of the baby by Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel?

For months, he has been quiet in the environment of Helene Fischer and his friend Thomas Seitel. After the surprising separation of his partner Florian Silbereisen, the exceptional artist seems to have found his great love with the acrobat. Like this colorful Now you want to know, the two now think seriously about their own family. Is the offspring not very distant?

Many have suspected that the singer is very serious with Thomas. As reported by the tabloid, the 34-year-old has already known the family of his friend. As a result, the couple were visiting along with their closest confidant to Eppertshausen near Darmstadt. This information should only have neighbors downloaded. The acrobat family should be more specifically about Father Günter, his partner and the grandparents of Thomas Seitel. By the way, it is said that Helene Fischer recently visited this one.

Helene Fischer and her Thomas Seitel: Insiders reveal details

As the tabloid also wants to know, he woke up between Helene and his Thomas in September. The official separation of Florian Silbereisen and the subsequent exit of relations followed in December. A very cool relationship, but the two seem to think of their own family. "Helene is thinking intensely in a baby. Ask each mother in her environment, as a baby changes her life, if she's too old for children, how to combine a child and a job (…)," an informant reveals .

Whether Helene and her Thomas Seitel really become parents, it's still a mystery. The separation of Helene and her former boyfriend, Florian Silbereisen, however, continues to make waves. So even a sexual therapist commented on the love of Helene and Florian. But even the pop singer will not be quiet. Even the companions of Florian Silbereisen reveal details of their past.

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