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At the very least, the intention is to be healthy, well cooked and properly bought. Many consumers do not fulfill the prescribed recommendations for consumption, especially in stressful everyday life.

One of the consequences of this is the lack of vitamins, which affects the surprising number of people – without first noticing it. The longer the lack of vitamins, the worse the symptoms and the consequences. It is therefore important to react immediately to the first signs and to prevent the lack of vitamin that is easy to change the diet.

Possible factors that cause vitamin deficiency and frequent recognition function

A very common cause for lack of vitamin is stress. Whether it's work or everyday worries, stress is among many consumers. Sometimes it's logical to rest.

Furthermore, wrong or very unilateral diet often leads to lack of vitamins. A versatile and healthy food is alpha and omega for a balanced vitamin balance. In addition, improper preparation or storage of food stimulates the loss of vitamins. Consumers should therefore refrain from long cooking and heating times.

For example, symptoms commonly associated with vitamin deficiencies include extreme fatigue despite sufficient sleep, fatigue, concentration, depression, high sensitivity to less infections, severe performance reduction, and more specific symptoms such as skin problems, joint pain or an internal nervous system anxiety.

As a rule, people first notice the lack of vitamins and / or nutrients fragile nails or hair loss. However, all these symptoms occur in connection with other illnesses, which in the case of permanent symptoms in any case should be consulted by a doctor.

Tip 1: Animal Feed to Prevent Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Vitamin B12 is almost barely found in animal feed such as milk, yogurt, and cheese. Vegans often suffer from a marked lack of vitamin B12. Who is one Prevent the lack of vitamin B12 He wants to eat enough food for animals. Therefore, the lack of this important vitamin is widespread among consumers who eat vegan, and partly with vegetarians.

Often, the elderly are also affected by the lack of vitamin B12, as it becomes more difficult to absorb and use this particular vitamin from food throughout life. Vitamin B12 is a valuable nutrient that is not only complex but also contains cobalt. No other vitamin has this trace element. Vitamin B12 is especially important for cell division, blood formation and the functioning of the nervous system.

Even milk, eggs, kvark and cheese contain a lot of vitamins B12. In addition, consumers can eat fish, crayfish, oysters, beef and lamb.

Tip 2: Eat enough fruits and vegetables to prevent the lack of vitamin C.

Especially in the winter, fruits and vegetables provide important nutrients and vitamins to pass through the cold season. (Photo: © suju (CC0 Creative Commons)

Especially in the winter, fruits and vegetables provide important nutrients and vitamins to pass through the cold season. The lack of vitamin C can be prevented relatively quickly, as fruits and vegetables are the optimal suppliers here.

Unfortunately, misconceptions are spreading more and more, that it is enough to take something healthy once a week. However, consumption of about 600 grams of vegetables per day is recommended. The rule "5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day" is a good guide. Vitamin C is needed by the body to make the immune system healthy, strengthen connective tissue and produce enzymes, cholesterol and healing wounds.

It contains vitamin C, for example, in large quantities in pink hips, citrus fruits, potatoes, peppers, spinach, cabbage, kiwi, strawberries, broccoli, parsley, orange and currant. While summer delicious fruit salad is often the most popular option for taking vitamin C in a particularly tasty form, in the winter, culinary vegetables or alternative oven vegetables are recommended.

Tip 3: Nuts and whole grains for more vitamin B6

Many consumers do not have vitamin B6. Since the body, like most vitamins, can not produce it, it is necessary to take it through the diet. In the body, vitamin B6 is responsible for the metabolism of fat and amino acids, as well as for the good functioning of the immune system. In addition, it is one of the most important components of coenzymes and strengthens nerves and defenses.

It contains vitamin B6, for example, in sunflower seeds, walnuts and pistachios. Moreover, whole grains, dried plums, beans, carfiol, tuna, salmon and bananas are very good suppliers of vitamin B6. Unlike Chips and Co, nuts serve as a healthy enjoyment, and on the other hand they provide the right amount of vitamin B6 during a relaxed evening program.

Tip 4: Fish and dairy products for the promotion of vitamin D.

The lack of vitamin D supply is often due to another factor of possible causes for its development. The body can produce vitamin D – but only if it gets enough sunlight.

In the spring and summer this is not a problem, but the cold gray autumn and winter ages often cause a severe lack of vitamin D, which is why it is corrected by proper food intake. It contains vitamin D in fish oil, tuna, sardines, caviar, salmon, herring, butter, yolk and milk.

In addition, mushrooms, avocados and colors can also be used. Vitamin D is especially important for bones and teeth. It also prevents the right amount of cardiovascular disease and depression.

Tip 5: Get to know and do not exceed daily vitamin needs

Vitamin supplements and supplements are getting more and more attention. However, the problem with this is overdosing, as it results in the worst case of harmful poisoning. (Photo: © stevepb (CC0 Creative Commons)

Vitamin supplements and supplements are getting more and more attention. However, the problem with this is overdosing, as it results in the worst case of harmful poisoning.

Consumers who have recognized the lack of vitamins do not always opt for a change in nutrition that lasts for a long time, but instead switches to vitamin supplements or dietary supplements. This method is especially for many professionals who are easier to install in stressful everyday life, but this is not always helpful. In the worst case, there may really be an overdose.

For example, Stiftung Varentest warns of excessive intake of vitamin D supplements, because it can come here to the symptoms of intoxication. In this context, it is therefore important to know your needs. Who wants to determine their daily requirements for vitamins, minerals and nutrients individually, are informed on the pages Austrian Nutrition Society or on Federal Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection,

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