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Hugo Boss Share – VKN A1PHFF: Hugo Boss Increase share


Hugo Boss Share: News on current price developments

FrankfurtThe share of apparel producers Hugo boss, which ended the year at 63.94 euros, shows a positive development with a clear 2 percent plus and a market value of 65.22 euros.

In MDak, the value with 2% plus belongs to the winners. Paper is currently third at the top of MDak's list. MDak currently trades with 24,242 points (unchanged to 0.04 percent). That's why the Hugo Boss share exceeds the index.

At a price of 61.20 euros, the share went on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Years in the trade reached in the meantime daily daily amount of 65.22 euros.

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The share of Hugo Boss is 19.9 percent below the 52-week high level for the year, which is 81.40 euros. So far it has been reached on June 15, 2018. The 52-week minimum comes from October 23, 2018 and amounts to 58.62 euros.

By 09:45 hours the share comes to the turnover of 11.69 million euros. Until that moment, the day before the paper worth 2.4 million euros. On April 10, 2015, the total amount of Hugo Boss reached € 120.40. The lowest amount is 7.32 euros (October 10, 2008).

Analytical comments (via dpa-AFKS)

30/10/2018 Varburg Research leaves Hugo Boss on a 85-euro "bull"
Analysis of houses Varburg Research has left a rating for Hugo Boss before the numbers on "Bui" with a target price of 85 €. The third quarter is likely to lead to a decrease of seven percent in operating income (Ebitda) and thus move in the context of a tough European fashion market, wrote analyst Jorg Frei in a forecast on Tuesday. However, the expectations of clothing manufacturers for the whole year should remain viable. The action is 20 percent lower than the peer rating and offers a dividend of over four percent, which justifies the purchase recommendation ./mf/tih Date of analysis: 30.10.2018 Note: Information on disclosure in case of conflict of interest within the meaning of § 85 para VPHG, Article 20 VO (EU) 596/2014 for the mentioned home of analysts can be found at http: //

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